Nov 282011

oh yeah

i have no idea how i forgot to tell y’all this bit of info…

except that the brain is an amazing creation that does whatever it has to in order to protect ourself…but how in the ever-loving world i forgot to mention this will continue to escape me…

my nose is ruined…



it’s going to rot and fall off my face… i feel it sloughing already

i hit a skunk… in the middle of the road… and naturally the bastard sprayed his toxic ethyl methyl bad shit all over my precious Soul… and now my nose is ruined

at least i didn’t vomit inside the car… or on the side of the road…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “p.s.”

  1. Sounds like your poor Soul lucked out this time.

  2. Ok so here’s the trapperdudes recipe for getting rid of most of the skunk odor….notice I didn’t say all….
    To 1 quart peroxide add 1/2 cup baking soda and a good hefty squirt of dawn dish detergent. U can spray it on or wash it on though he’s not sure how u can get it up underneath the car without a lift or pressure washer. This works for dogs n people getting sprayed as well. It really does lessen the smell.
    Nothing but alot of time gets rid of the rest…maybe…why does t the government use this as riot dispersal spray???

    • that is EXACTLY the recipe i used when my dog, Maggie, was sprayed – along with the inside of my house…eww! i bathed Maggie in the solution, then i got a dishtowel, soaked it and twirled around the air to get the odor out of the house… the county ag extension agent told me about the twirling thing… apparently the odor molecules are drawn to and bind with the solution and they become neutralized… worked like magic!

      thankfully this morning i went outside and it’s such a faint smell that i can live with it

  3. Ewwwww…. I hit a previously dead one last summer and the smell still stayed on my car for a week! Congrats on not losing your lunch!

  4. As some-one who is totally ignorant about skunks, does the smell linger? If so you may have spoken too soon on the not vomiting front.

    • it is the most awful smell! and normally it does linger for months and months and months… somehow i got lucky though… when i hit the skunk, we still had about 10 more miles of highway driving. i turned off the heat and opened the windows so the smell wouldn’t come in and settle in the air ducts… by the time we got home, i couldn’t smell it much at all.. thank goodness!

  5. OMG Sherri…nothing worse than being skunked! I vomit if one wanders past my window on it’s way through the yard. I’m soooooooo sorry, nasty, nasty, nasty!

    • several years ago, my dog was outside and was sprayed… she was just standing just outside the living room window… which was open… oh my! the spray got maggie, the window and into the house through the screen… awful! thankfully i found out what the perfect remedy is and got the odor wiped out in a matter of hours…. there was a really faint tinge in the air for a few days afterwards … but let me tell you, that smell, up close and personal like that is something else….totally different than when are far away and smell it in the air….

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