May 272012

i’m going to win an award… any day now i expect to receive the phone call… any day

it will be for the world’s greatest procrastinator!

in six days we are picking up the new trailer… and do you think i have done anything around here to get things sorted, packed, thrown out or organized? ….  very little….

i can come up with lots of reasons why:

  • it’s freakin hot
  • there are errands to run
  • i had to water everything
  • i’ve been busy organizing my work files
  • my phone keeps ringing
  • i have 6 more days
  • the dog needed a bath
  • i don’t have enough boxes
  • i did some of the laundry
  • i have MS
  • it’s a holiday weekend
  • the spaceship that landed in the backyard distracted me
  • i can’t stop reading the hunger games trilogy
  • there was a whole slew of sirens and i HAD to go see what happened
  • the key lime pie made me take a nap


we did some grocery shopping and laundry today. that was nice. we were out of some true essentials to daily life… and now we are not. things like toothpaste and diet coke.

i don’t have much for today. not much at all… as if you couldn’t tell ha!

happy memorial day! thanks to all the men and women who have fought for my freedoms.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “procrastination”

  1. Sherri my dear sweet Sherri, You poor dear… We are all procrastinators once and a while – ESPECIALLY when it comes to packing to move!!! There is always more to do that just the packing to move… You NEVER have enough boxes or paper… There’s NEVER enough totes… EVERYONE is ALWAYS out of the big boxes; all they have are the teeny-tiny boxes that you need 1,000,000 of to pack only 2 or 3 things in…

    It was MY space ship that landed in your back yard… I wanted to stay, but was having problems with the warp-drive engines… I couldn’t get stranded there without the funds to purchase a plane ticket home to Elkland PA (well it would be the Corning NY airport!) LOL… It was the space ship Elkland… LOL… OMGsoh, I even brought my nutty girls with me to brighten your day… But alas we had to leave really quick… Next time the space ship Elkland comes a calling, We will bring with us kidnapped WWE wrestlers, totes, boxes and newspaper… The WWE wrestlers can do the heavy lifting and all the packing while we sit back and drink tea or diet coke (I will take a regular one please – matter of a fact, I will just bring my Sprite with me… LOL)… When done I will drop the wrestlers back off their homes… LOL…

    Best wishes dear! I hope you get it all done… I know exactly how you feel… I have a 2,600 square foot house with 4 floors I would have to go through and pack IF/WHEN we decide to move… Pennsylvania is just getting too cold for me… I am thinking about moving to Arkansas where my cousin lives… Its warmer there year round… I do so much better in the warmth!!! That is an almost 1,000 mile move!!!

  2. I’m exhausted just thinking about all you have to get finished. Maybe some of Coach’s students could help for service hours? Just a thought… I’m always looking for an easy out. Do. Not. Overdo!

  3. Ok am I a dip or what? It just took me well way to long to locate the thing so I could comment regular like – you know where you put in name, email etc. geezz i almost gave up LOL Like I said dip dip dip here.

    I am sorry when Catfish and I landed our ship in the backyard that we could not hang around for you to investigate. Full is not cheap so we had no choice but to take off and head home. We decided not to disembark because well it was too dang HOT there. Next time we shall bring cargo hold full of boxes and some extraterrestrials we have picked up along the way to help you pack. Do you speak Snorklabile or Crazbelong?


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