Feb 152013

I don’t normally give advice. Most often, I keep my opinions to myself… in real life. This is my place to let that shit fly.

That being said…during the past few days I’ve spent a great deal of time in meetings and training sessions in which the dress code was listed as business casual. Business.

A few days ago, I noticed every man slated to give presentations to the room pretty much presented to one young woman. I couldn’t figure out why the presenters were so incredibly focused on this young woman… other than the fact that she’s a girl and they were guys… she was young… not so attractive but not super unattractive either. What I mean to say is that she wasn’t the sort of girl that people turn and take second looks at. Anyway, at one point she was returning to her seat from getting coffee which afforded her the opportunity to be walking towards my seat. And then I saw it…. holy shit. She was wearing a too thin t-shirt that was pastel green in color and a brassiere that was too thin and white in color… and she was, um, shall we say, busty.

If you are a woman who is well endowed, a woman with mountain peaks that are darker than flesh color, it might be a good idea to consider what you are covering those mountains with. Nursing pads, those things that soak up the leakage, well, they are a wonderful temporary solution to worn out brassieres and t-shirts. I know the woes of not being able to replace undergarments for busty women… they are quite expensive… so I’m all about trying to find less expensive ways to take care of shit until payday.


In 10 days of employment, I have attended 3 regional meetings, participated in 1 evacuation drill, scheduled 4 training classes (that I will be instructing), organized – mostly – my new office, and started reading all of the response plans. I’ve been a busy girl!

I’m curious to see who our new Pope will be. I can say with relative confidence that it won’t be the Cardinal here in Texas. I’m betting the new Pope will be Italian although the bookies are putting their bets on Cardinal Marc Ouellet. There are a butt load of Italian Cardinals in the running but they are ranked pretty low by the odds machine. An interesting tidbit…. there is a Cardinal from Sri Lanka. The land of Buddhist monks has a Diocese. Something else I wonder about… the College of Cardinals won’t enter conclave until March 1st, so how much talk is going on amongst those cliquish Cardinals? Politicking? This is the first time in more than 500 years that a living Pope will be around to offer insight, advice, and counsel to the new guy…. although who knows if that will happen or not. Do the Cardinals gossip about whose turn it is, who’s best and who sucks? I bet they do. They are human with the desire to promote and excel in their chosen career path. They probably stand in the holy locker room talking about whose man junk is too little or some shit.


Time to drag my cute self to work….




Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Popes and Brassieres”

  1. That is my biggest fear – unwittingly exposing myself through too-sheer tops! I check and doublecheck myself constantly.

  2. Just saw this post! You crack me up! Did you know that they actually make little covers for those “peaks?” [not that I ever needed them — 2 peas on an ironing board!!] They’re shaped like little flowers with adhesive backs.
    Re the Pope… of course those cardinals gather and discuss. Some strut their stuff, and hope for recognition. I, too, think these guys will choose another conservative from Europe. Not necessarily Italian — remember JPII was Polish, and Bene is German. But I think choosing an African or N. American is far-fetched. We’ll see…


  3. I have the problem of having very “showy” nipples. For that reason I never where t-shirts. I also wear two spots bras at once. I also wear lot of cardigans.

  4. I have precisely one Catholic friend, so the whole pope thing is pretty much meaningless in my life. We were chatting the other night and she said that the pope CAN’T step down, he’s pope for life… but the research I have done says otherwise, he just has to publicise it. That’s been taken care of, I’m sure there’s some old man in a cave in Afghanistan who doesn’t know, but I think everyone else knows.

    The election of a pope is very political and can get very strident and ugly if the other reading I’ve done is true, but of course there’s no way of knowing whether it is or not. Since they wouldn’t like me (I underwent voluntary sterlization AND used other forms of birth control AND I am an atheist) I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about popeishness and catholicness. 🙂

    Ponder the idea that Miss Boobs knows her nips are showing and does it on purpose. I have met her or a version of her in every corporate type job I’ve had. Just one more reason corporate bullshit isn’t for me.

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