Jun 162010


Police officers are allowed to use employ a reasonable amount of force in the course of their duties. But who gets to define and decide what is a reasonable amount? The situation has to dictate what that level of force is going to be. The officer MUST do what he/she has to in order to stay safe. And if a citizen is non-compliant, and if the officer is completely alone…no back-up… then what should an officer do? There is a story of a Seattle officer punching a girl in the face. She was interfering as he was attempting to make an arrest. The crowd was growing and I can see where the officer might have felt that the situation could get out of control in a real hurry….  but does this allow him to punch someone in the face? Disregard the fact that it is a female, just pay attention to the situation as a whole…and remember that the officer is unarmed…. Go read the story and watch the video….  What do you think?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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