Aug 212011


so much hatred…all around us, everywhere…anger, violence hostility… where does it end? and how does it end? what is our role in all of this?

over the past few days we found it necessary to go out into the world of commerce… shopping… I hate it… with school starting tomorrow, we were not left much of a choice in the matter…. coach needed some things to dress in – they’ve implemented a dress code… no more wind pants and P.E. type clothes during the day… stinko for the athletics and phys ed community around here

I hate to shop… I know, I’m a girl and I’m supposed to LOVE shopping.. but in fact, I hate it… loathe it… it can so totally ruin my day…. some of it is that I have to spend money on things that I don’t want to…. that is money that I could use for food, gas, and other things….

but that isn’t the true reason that I hate shopping…

shoppers.. that is the reason…they are poison! they are rude, vulgar, and have absolutely no respect… it’s such a ME thing at the stores… not to mention that this was tax free weekend… dang

so the first place we went I was nearly run over on numerous occasions… blatantly.. wasn’t like they didn’t see me… I take up some space… I’m obvious… plus, I was pushing a basket full of junk… but people are in such a hurry to get to where ever the hell they are going that they just don’t give a flying you-know-what… I had at least 2 near head-on collisions…. asshats

kids…. running wild everywhere… everywhere I tell you… they dart outta the isles and from between the racks… then when you run over the little darlings, their parents magically appear with a new found concern for their bastards…. my question to them is something along the lines of “where the hell were you when the little bastard was running around screaming, pulling clothes from racks, putting candy covered hands all over the merchandise, and basically wreaking havoc on the store?” asshats

then there are the parking lots…. I have the privilege of those special parking spots… I view it as a privilege because any other thought would cause the fetal position reaction.. I choose not to think about it… so anyway, the parking lot

do pedestrians not realize that there are crazy idiots in lethal weapons competing for the primo parking spots? and they will run over your ass to get it… so my word of advice to the pedestrians is this – look up from your cell phone, grab your lovely little bastards by the hand, remain in the crosswalks, and PAY ATTENTION!

the drivers of those lethal weapons need to slow down… it’s a freakin parking lot.. the store isn’t going anywhere… it will be there in a few minutes… watch out for the pedestrians… they are not watching out for you… and there is no reason to mutilate the other cars in the lot trying to get into that spot! there are thousands of empty ones about 4 rows back… take one of those.. hell, take two of those if you must! oh, and those arrows painted on the asphalt? they imply which direction you should drive in order to successfully maneuver into the angled parking spots… if you go the WRONG DIRECTION you will have to master at 29 point turn in order to fit into that spot from the WRONG DIRECTION….

and to everyone out there shopping (or doing other things publicly)… keep your mouth shut.. keep your opinions to yourself.. oh and your music too…. I don’t need to hear you yelling obscenities at your mate, your child, or the employees…. I don’t need to hear your utter destruction of the English language … if you would like to talk to me, you must realize that I don’t speak Ebonics, or any other foreign languages… so don’t get mad and give me the bird when I look at you puzzled and continue on merry way

the culmination of all this poison…? not a ding dang thing… we did not find one garment that we could afford right now that coach needs for school…. damn

so much poison in the world
it’s in the attitude
the thoughts
the racism
the prejudice
it’s in the government
the schools
the home

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  12 Responses to “poison… it’s everywhere”

  1. OMG little sister, shout it out! People are animals and the worst part is that they BREED! Not everyone of course (you, me, etc.) Can you believe all these parents don’t get that letting their kid loose can get them kidnapped. Don’t they watch TV. Do they care? God I hate shopping – but sometimes ya gotta do it.
    What’s the new dress code? totally senseless to have coach and athletic people not
    be allowed to wear their proper clothing.

    Poison is everywhere – there are people who inhale oxygen and exhale poison.

    • i think that there should be a license to have kids… and unless you have the license you are issued birth control LOL although that wouldn’t go over with those folks who live on “entitlements”

  2. “new found concern for their bastards” That is truly hi-larious.
    I hate shopping around Christmas time becauuse it makes me hate humanity. That’s when people really start to get rude and are willing to literally fight over an item. Shopping drives me crazy.

    • i hate it too! and when i worked night shift (for years and years) i loved my nights off… that’s when i did my shopping… 2 AM when the little bastards are sleeping – well most of them anyway ha

  3. Shopping SUCKS… I have never been much of a fan of trying on clothes and dragging my kids around stores. Now a quiet day of window shopping without the kids isn’t too bad…but shopping is pretty low on my list of favored activities.

    I haven’t stopped by in a while… I need to catch up. Summer has been busy and your blog stopped showing up in my feed now that it is at a new address… I hope you’re doing well and that your coach’s school year is starting out well.

    • hiya Jenn! I’m glad you found the new address!!

      shopping totally sucks… i hate it… i would rather hit the Goodwill store or some mom & pop thrift shop… much more to my liking…

      things over at the J are a bit, um, unorganized and slightly chaotic… i feel bad for the teachers and most of the students this year… off to a rocky start at best from what i hear….

  4. Wow. I know how you feel, sista. Thanks for typing all of that so that the rest of us don’t have to. Haha. I am ever so glad I didn’t have to join the melee this weekend. Uber frustrating. Makes a person want to have a “Falling Down” moment…..

    • oh so frustrating! i wish we would’ve planned this whole shopping trip out better… of course, I DIDN’T KNOW WE HAD TO BUY TIES AND SWEATER VESTS! coach chose not to share that info until right before school started lol i think he was hoping the policy would not be enforced hahaha

  5. Snap. I am so happy to hear that someone else loathes the whole process. And shopping centres are overheated, and the music (if you can call it that) is too loud. And if you can find a shop assistant they know nothing. Aaaargh.

    And my youngest brother (bless him) has a thing for people who park in the disabled car parks without a sticker. He says sweetly ‘I see your disability is intellectual’.

    • oh i like that… intellectual disability… that is freakin fantastic! need to make some flyers with that statement and put them on the windshields of the bastards who take up those spaces….

  6. “Aren’t we a little testy today?!”
    This is what I get from trapper when I come home from shopping and basically say this same rant verbatim.
    This is also the reason his few dress shirts are threadbare…he won’t go so he can try them on…we are NOT the same size!
    I do not understand people anymore…YOU I get but that cuz ur like me 😉
    Sorry you didn’t even score a shirt.

    • those dang shoppers! i wasn’t the least bit testy until we left our little tin can sanctuary and entered the real world… coach too… man he was about to really go off on some folks yesterday LOL so frustrated that he couldn’t even find his favorite water when it was right in front of him… poor guy!

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