Oct 192011
  • my son-in-law is the bomb
  • he has several big busts… some we can talk about, others we can’t
  • he makes me very proud and he’s making Washington County a better place
  • LEO back home are ALL good men & women… i miss them
  • have you ever heard of camp for all? they have many camps every year for people with special needs/disabilities
  • not too long ago they had one for adults with multiple sclerosis
  • i didn’t get to go but thought it looked like a large time
  • i was alone in my office today so i got to listen to some music…. loud…
  • mostly i was hooked on NIN… sanctified is one of my favorites… careful there! #ff0000;">explicit lyrics
  • i’m working on holiday cards… making my own… maybe if i get enough variety and they turn out good enough… maybe i could sell some? who knows…
  • the other night at the concert there were some absolute ding-bats in front of us… truly
  • three girls… ding-bats i say… had binoculars… and cell phones
  • one of the ding-bats thought maybe she could use her binoculars and cell phone together to get a zoooooom effect…
  • yes, she did
  • didn’t work out so well
  • a bit later another group showed up and as luck would have it, the ding-bats were squatting in the wrong seats…
  • we thought things may just take a turn for the better
  • wrong
  • the group that belonged in the seats were two couples…. 2 boys and 2 girls
  • they were young adults… most likely of the UT persuasion
  • now i’m not one typically to stereotype anyone… but those 2 girls?
  • holy shit… long blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect make up
  • and IDIOTS… complete UT sorority blonde girl package

  • they had some cotton candy…
  • one of them was trying to be all sexy and sultry eating her cotton candy… that just happened to be blue
  • her date was watching her being all sexy and sultry… intently… but not because of the sexiness oozing off of her blonde UT sorority bod
  • he leaned in and yelled “YOUR TEETH ARE BLUE!!” whilst cracking up ha!
  • i bet blue teeth were a turn on
  • the other girl… man o man
  • when she finished up her cotton candy, she had that cardboard thingy that it’s stuck on… you know, cone shaped… pointy on one end and a bit bigger around on the other
  • she was doing some very odd and juvenile things with that cardboard thingy
  • her date was getting pretty annoyed… peeved…. he even got up and walked away several times…
  • and she never got it….
  • just kept right on putting the pointy end up her nose – that was attractive
  • and putting the pointy end in his ear, up his nose, in his beer cup
  • when she was done playing with her cardboard thingy, she was kind enough to place it in the seat of the woman in front of her at some point when we were all standing up clapping for one performer or another
  • a bit later when it was time for the next standing o, the woman rises and guess whats stuck to her ass? perfectly aligned with where we believe her crack must be
  • sheesh….
  • but we all laughed at her
  • i have never seen more clones in one place than i did at that concert
  • when i had to get up and go stand outside i saw at least 1,579 long blond haired, flat chested, no shape twiggy girls all wearing the same outfit
  • mini dresses with cowboy boots

  • clones
  • boring
  • someone should come up with a new trend…. please


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “pointy cardboard thingys and cowboy boots”

  1. Ha Ha- I’ve laughed myself to death reading this! I went to a concert last year & I swear 90 percent of the population was wearing short skirts & dresses with boots. It must be a concert thing! I’m like you, I’ve never seen such a display of iggnorance as I did that night. Stupid people, alcohol & music just don’t mix well.

  2. I absolutely LOVE reading your posts! Keeps life interesting.

  3. Thank you. The pictures you painted were soooo clear. IQs they could count on their fingers. Decorative uses only. Loved it.

  4. “use her binoculars and cell phone together to get a zoooooom effect…”, that was tooo funny, Sherri. Actually, the whole thing was funny. Thanks.

  5. LOL! I have not heard the term ding-bat for a long time.

    I know women that look like you are describing. They straighten their hair and when I see it I want to yank it out. And the make-up! Gawd. I miss the 80’s when hair was big and scrunchy. And the make-up was classy. 😉

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