Jul 312012

#000000;">This morning I was out watering the weeds and something extraordinary happened. At least it was extraordinary for me. The smell of the water from the garden hose… I always loved that smell. It’s been a very long time since I’ve smelled it… or at least since I’ve smelled it and noticed it. I’m sure it’s always had that hot rubber toxic smell to it.. right? Smells of summer… and that hot rubber toxic smell sure never kept me from drinking straight from the hose. I still do it sometimes. Except for when I over think it.

#000000;">There must be all sorts of bugs, worms, critters, and other things that are not quite visible to the naked eye that have made their way up and down that hose…. eek! Maybe I don’t have MS after all… maybe I have some parasitic thing living in my brain that came from drinking out of hot rubber garden hoses! Or maybe they came from playing in the flood waters when I was growing up in Houston… we lived about 2 blocks from the bayou and when it would rain a lot, all the streets in the neighborhood would really flood good. I’m talking water that would be a few feet deep and coming way up into our yards. It was big fun! We would go out there with rafts and all sorts of other toys and play til the water receded. There’d be folks out there with john boats and kayaks and canoes too. That doesn’t happen these days.

#000000;">One time after a big flood, the water all receded after a day or two…. and a neighbor lady was out collecting her laundry which had been drying on the clothesline. (I won’t even begin to speculate what happens to fabric when it would hang in the hot Houston sun with all those particulates, pollution, and other ethyl methyl bad shit floating around in that brown air) Her screams could be heard throughout the neighborhood… there was a very large reptile in her backyard… big gnarly teeth and a long scaly body… big long tail that could knock an amazon down with one swing. I won’t say if it was a crocodile or an alligator because I’m always wrong… I don’t really know the difference between the two and it really doesn’t matter. They are both pretty much the same thing to me…

#000000;">Shoot, people don’t even play in the rain anymore… at least not that I’ve seen. A few drops of water falls from the heavens and people start running like they’re going to melt. Pft. Not me… I go out in it, turn my face up and extend my arms -good thing I’m not a turkey eh? I used to twirl but given my current neurological status, twirling may not be such a good idea. Although it could provide good entertainment for those that might have the good fortune to catch me playing in the rain.

#000000;">I didn’t get any drawing done today. Boo. But I did manage to get the bank all set up with our bill pay accounts and lordy lordy I got the bills paid! Thank you very much! And it only took me about 4.25 hours to do. Dang memory just wasn’t helping me out at all. So many addresses, numbers, contacts, and so on… but it’s done. I’m feeling the relief. Because I tackled such a big and daunting task this morning (it didn’t use to be so daunting and big) I treated myself to a reward. It’s a girl thing. Anyway…. My reward was a small, small little shopping spree at Ye Olde Hobby Lobby… OH YES I DID!

#000000;">I bought a 36 pack of good quality colored pencils, a bamboo stick pen with 5 different nibs… and not the kind that has the cartridge… nope. I got the kind that you DIP in an ink well… oo la la! I already had a bottle of brown acrylic ink so I picked up some black ink as well. Oh, and I got a really cool little carrying case too… it is compartmentalized… wee! It fits right in my oversized purse (I only carry monster canvas purses) and it holds all my colored pencils, sketching pencils, 2 bottles of acrylic inks, nibs, erasers, mechanical pencils with the little lead refill thingies too. I’m good to now. It feels good to be all organized. And if for some reason I get a wild hair and decide to go out on an excursion, I can just grab my neat little art tote and my camera & hit the road. How cool is that?

#000000;">And that’s all for now… hope you all had a great day!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “Playing in the Rain”

  1. What kind of coloured pencils do you use? I have tried 3 different brands and have not been happy with any of them. They break off easily or they are don’t colour dark enough.

    • i’ve been using crayola colored pencils… yesterday i bought some Sargent pencils. i’m getting ready to sit down and play with them now. they came highly recommended as a good alternative to the Prismacolor pencils

  2. “Wild hair” I haven’t heard that it a long time. It seemed to be one of mother’s favorite sayings. I doubt if many people even know what it means now.

    • that’s a phrase we use frequently down here in the texas region haha i’ve always liked it… and i bet you’re right – there’s probably many who don’t know what it means, or have ever heard it

  3. Prismacolor pencils? I could only afford the 12 pack. Here in Canada they are 34 bucks for 12. I didn’t dare look at the cost of a 24 or 36 pack!

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