Apr 012012

last night we stopped at the grocery store to pick up just a few things for dinner. we had just arrived back in austin from a long road trip and we were both quite tired, sticky, and miserable – not in any mood to cook or prepare something – so cheap & easy was the criteria ha! pizza….

just before we go to the check out lines i had a strong desire… a huge urge…. for some key lime pie. while examining the pie choices we saw that a different brand of key lime was on the shelf…. different from the company we normally choose… and it looked pretty tasty. it’s a key west lime creme pie…. i was thinking yum as i grabbed the box out of the freezer

after dinner coach got up and grabbed the pie out of the fridge and cut a slice… i didn’t want pie yet…. he stood at the kitchen sink eating his pie while i was focused on something internetty… he came over to me and said the pie really didn’t taste that good… he was disappointed… don’t bother even getting a piece because it was not good at all…..

bastard! he thought he would get away with that? ha! NOT! (oh, and he just tried it again this morning!)

he thought by telling me how horrible the pie was i wouldn’t eat any? while he’s standing there with key lime creme and cool whip matted into his beard, smeared all over his cheeks and nose? licking his lips and drooling, his eyes completely glazed over with delight?

i am so having pie for breakfast this morning….

so our road trip



we  (you can visit us here too) had a football game in dawson, which is out in the middle of East BFE, TX. have you been there before? it’s half way between pluto and death valley i think.i must admit, the country side out that way is just beautiful… thousands upon thousands of bluebonnets… entire pastures of blue…breathtaking.

that poor little town…. the average per capita income is $13,900… wow… can you even begin to imagine raising a truck load of kids on that income? needless to say, there were very few fancy homes, fancy cars… most everything was paint chipped and well-worn. but the pride in their town was evident in the care they took of it, and in the support of the community…

it’s about 35 miles northeast of waco…. little bitty town of about 800 bikers. the team is called the dawson los locos. the guy who was working the gate, taking money for the tickets… great guy. in his 50’s, slender, doo-rag on his head, both ears pierced, well worn and paint chipped – harley parked nearby… and lots o personality… we enjoyed talking with him.

one of the coolest things about this team is that the money they collect at the gate all goes to some charity. each week they pick a different organization to donate the money too. this week was the National Humane Society. naturally, i mentioned to him that they should consider donating to the MS Society… he smiled and told me it’s already on the list… way to go Los Locos!

so back to the game…. we won! the score is almost embarrassing to put out there – 62-6… eek! but we really needed a win like that. we really needed to get our glue back- the glue that holds the team together. we had some dissension amongst the team going on. we had a few who were bitching and moaning and really causing heartache for many of the others. and those 3 have quit the team. they are gone. the ironic thing is this – the reason they gave for leaving our team is that there are divas on our team who are “me” guys, not “team” guys… they complained that they were sick of the me me me mentality. but you know what? since those 3 quit, there has been no bickering, no arguing, no name calling! the team is happy, cohesive, and once again family a football team. seems to me that those who did the most complaining were the problem. isn’t that the way it usually goes?
and now…. i bring to you the Texas National Anthem by the Texas Tornados

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