Dec 292010

>pictures of life in our RV….. excuse our mess 😉

coach in the recliner – it’s in the living room/kitchen slide…we pulled out the built in “sofa” and kitchen table… behind the chair we are installing a desk and some bookshelves for me….
this is the “front door” area…as you can see, we live in an older model 5th wheel…it’s a 1996 Terry… we got a REALLY GOOD DEAL on it… i’ve made myself a little sitting area – rock patio of sorts
Our Little Home

Our Little Home

when we bought the trailer it had horrible dirty tan carpet…we tore it out – when i say “we” i mean coach…and we (coach) installed some pretty tile… top pic is living area, middle is bathroom area, bottom is the “hallway”   – my bedroom is upstairs ha! two whole steps…that counts as upstairs right?

Coach workin away

Coach workin away

Putting in a new floor

Hallway floor gettin done

Bathroom floor

Bathroom floor in progress

i promise MaryB, i will get some better photos up here soon…. i love living in our RV…. over the past many months we have been talking about getting a real house…but i don’t know…i think we’d lose each other if we had more than 300 square feet to live in ha! i think that this lifestyle is one that makes or breaks a relationship….and luckily for us, we get along so well…. we compliment each other nicely… otherwise, we might be stabbing one another!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I enjoy the pictures and would love to see more.

  2. Amazing! I think your place is great!

  3. >oh how i miss my 29 ft trailer. we ived there the first two years we were married…people wondered how we were still together after those two years!I'd move in another in a heartbeat 🙂

  4. It looks really comfy. I love the patio!

  5. I love your little trailer! And your beautiful rock sitting area… Well done! 😀
    PS I know what you mean about losing each other in a big house. While we were looking for the house we live in now, we ended up “camping” (no, we weren’t homeless; we had a tent, and a suburban! 😉 For four months! With four kids!! And summer ran into fall, (mid October to be exact) before we could get in!!! But you know what? It was actually WIRIDLY sad to me to think about moving into a house, and out of our tiny little quarters by the time it was over. And when we moved into our huge 1200 square foot house (I know… I’m laughing now, too!), we actually missed our tiny little suburban! That is, until we acclimated to the living space! 😉 But I will never want a huge home. It is just too nice to have home cozy! 😀

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful! And that your New year celebration will be wonderful as well! 😀

  6. Wow, I can’t imagine living in a space that small with Hubber’s. He would drive me nuts! I need my own space, and quite a bit of it. Maybe it’s because we have been together for 27 years. Glad it’s working for you two!

    • i was truly concerned about it in the beginning… i thought for sure we would stab each other, or drive each other nutso at the very least…but so far so good…. whew!!

  7. oh how i miss my 29 ft trailer. we ived there the first two years we were married…people wondered how we were still together after those two years!
    I’d move in another in a heartbeat 🙂

    • i’m very thankful we live in this lil trailer! i can’t imagine how i would manage to keep up with a house right now…just sweeping 1/2 the tin can and i’m so totally exhausted! coach has been living in travel trailers for the past 6 or 7 years. when i moved in with him 2 years ago, we were in a much SMALLER one…it was a 28 footer….this one is palatial in comparison!

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