Aug 042012

#000000;">There is a storm a’brewin out there in the big pond. I, for one, sure hope it makes it to my end of the coast. I’m probably the only one come to think of it LOL. These hurricanes don’t really scare me. I’ve been through some doozies but still am hoping Ernesto comes my way. All I can think of is the sweet, sweet glorious rain he’ll bring me- and maybe as a result, some cooler temperatures. Those thoughts supersede any fears I may indulge in when coming face to face with Ernesto.

#000000;">I do believe we need to invest in a generator in the next day or so. Even if the storm goes to New Orleans or Florida, a generator is a good idea. I plan on hitting up the blasted Wal-Mart tomorrow as well. We need to stock up on canned goods, bat-trees, water, candles, and etc. Preparedness. It’s where it’s at!

#000000;">I went to Hobby Lobby again. Dammit all to hell. I found the flippin’ clearance area. Shit. This is not good. Someone will need to warn me off this store. I did however score… naturally. I picked up 4 bottles of#0000ff;"> #0000ff;">Liquitex acrylic inks – red oxide 335, transparent raw umber 333, #0000ff;">#0000ff;">phthalocyanine blue 316(what?), and yellow medium azu 412. Don’t you just love the names of those colors? I do! I got them all for less than ½ price. The bottles are unopened and full but have some wear on the labels, as well as some stray paint on the tops/sides/bottoms. I’m alright with this. The container doesn’t have to be purdy. All said & done, I spent less than $10.


#000000;">I already had carbon black 337 and transparent raw sienna 332

#000000;">I have discovered something. That doesn’t usually happen to me. But what I’ve discovered is that I REALLY like acrylic inks – much better than any paint, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, etc. The inks are fabulous. The don’t bleed through, they don’t make my paper ball all up and get thin, they spread well, they mix well, they mix well with a bit o’water for creating washes. Perfect! For me.

#000000;">That #0000ff;">#0000ff;">diet coke can in the polka dot coosie** (I have no clue how to spell that word, the one that means insulated thing that keeps your drink cool. Besides, it’s a really dumb word.) was done with acrylic inks, except the red since I don’t have any red ink. (it was a micron pen)

#000000;">Okay, well, all that excitement of the big find this morning is about all I can handle. I have been bitch slapped by the beast & therefore, I must concede to a nap.



#000000;">Before taking to bed, I thought I should look up that word real quick. I’ll drive myself crazy staring at the ceiling trying to figure how in the hell it’s supposed to be spelled. And this is what I’ve found… You’re welcome.

A koozie is a neoprene or foam rubber material sleeve used predominantly by rednecks to keep their crappy watered-down American beer cold.

It also doubles as a fashion accessory on which the redneck may display his/her favorite NASCAR driver, swimsuit model, brand of beer, brand of tobacco, or local blue collar business.

Paw: “Hey Maw, check out this Dale Jr. koozie that Bubba from the liquor store gave me.” “It was supposed to come free with an 18 pack of Budweiser, but Bubba gave it to me anyhow even though I bought Keystone Light.”

Maw: “Dang!” “You, kin use it when we go to the track on Saturday.”

Paw: “Why wait til Saturday, when I kin use it right now?”

Maw: “Na, you should just use yer ol PBR koozie and save the Dale Jr. koozie fer special occasions like Bobby Sue’s weddin’ reception or Saturday at the track.”

Paw: “Dang”! “I never thought of it that way”.


#000000;">(Gotta love that #0000ff;">#0000ff;">urban dictionary)


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “phthalocyanine blue”

  1. Ernesto, we have enough storms here in Florida. Go out to sea but give TX rain first.
    The name of that color phthalocyanine blue sounds like an anti-depressent (for the “Blues”). How did drug companies get into color names. 🙂
    Koozie is a “funny” name for that. Sounds kind of verbally pornographic. Maybe it’s named for a tea cozy which ain’t nobody’s koozie.
    BYW, your last drawing of the can w/koozie is perfect for an iPhone case, etc.

    • i really am hoping for the wind and slightly cooler temperatures… as for the huge big winds, eh, keep they can head out to sea…
      koozie is a funny word.. i’ve always wondered who came up with it
      i’ll have to try out the diet coke in a koozie sketch on the ipad/phone template and see how it works… i can’t wait til you get yours… i’m very curious about the timeliness, the quality and all that

  2. I am hoping that you get the rain and the cooler temperatures. Heat means the dread disease wins our battle every time. I wish I could go back to Antarctica. Sigh.

  3. Your listing of those hues brought back fond memories of my paint and ink purchases. I still have them, but can no longer use them. I laughed about those koozies– rednecks, hah! Please be careful of this hurricane — it looks dangerous!

    • i think it would be so incredibly cool to own all the colors LOL

      if the hurricane follows the projected routes, we’ll be okay. as it crosses the peninsula it will weaken back to a tropical storm before hitting this area… perfect! lots of rain without all the damaging stuff

  4. Kiss my Redneck koozie carrying, NASCAR watching ass………..dear.

  5. Take Ernesto please!!!!!!! We don’t want him in Florida.

  6. P.S. -Karen… I’m checked in the clearance area for Prismacolor pencils but there were not any… I will keep checking. Eventually they will be there. There’s bound to be a perfectly good set inside a torn box or something…

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