Mar 112012

while we were waiting for an oil change and inspection on coach’s big read truck i was playing around with my phone… found a camera app that i think i really like … it’s called “one man with a camera”… cool effects…


it’s been a busy day, which is good… coming down of the ‘roids has been sorta tough but not super bad… well, okay not as bad as i thought it might be. there is a considerable amount of pain…. but i’m used to pain. i haven’t been agitated or annoying… i don’t think… at least coach hasn’t complained LOL

the pain… hips and lower back… pretty debilitating but i just keep moving…. and gut pain… that’s the one that is making me most nutso… upper gut… but as the day has gone on i must say that it is subsiding quite a bit… hopefully by tomorrow that will all be gone… i haven’t really crashed which is what i expected… of course i never really got all amped up either….

the sun is shining this afternoon… first time since thursday… nice change… rejuvenating

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Hope the ‘roids do their tricks for you. You should feel good when the weather is on the cool side and then go ahead and feel lousy when it’s 118 degrees out! Get stronger soon, girl.
    Three days never did much for me, I preferred four, and now when I really want some I don’t get them. Something about, well, I never really got an explanation, but probably it’s just that I’m getting worse.

    •  i think the biggest thing for me is that i can once again swallow normally… man not swallowing was making me sorta crazy… and a little scared too! i’m feeling pretty good overall, well, besides the pain from coming off the ‘roids…but i know that will pass… and if i can keep swallowing, well i guess it’s been worth it… i don’t know how soon i would want to do this again though… i suppose when the symptoms are mission critical i will do it again lol

      i’m so not looking forward to the blasted heat that i know is heading our way in a few short months…maybe weeks …ugh… today was beautiful…about 70 degrees with a bit o sunshine…. lovely!!

  2. Good luck.  Sending many improvement vibes through the blogosphere to you.

  3. Hang in there Gal!
    I love to mess around with my phone camera Apps. Try the toonapp. Funnnnyyy!

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