Oct 212012

This morning I was rudely awakened (by the Queen) at 4:30 in the AM. Much too early! I managed a very brief nap from 9 to about 10:15 or so. During that nap I had a dream. Another dream, and it was just crazy enough that I remember it. It’s 10:23 right now and in my barely awake haze I am writing this down lest I forget it for later.

The dream starts in my grandmother’s house, except it was arranged slightly different than it was in real life. And it was in need of some repairs. There were lots of people there, mostly women & girls. And Coach was there. I don’t know why. What I do know is that there was one woman there who needed to make a road trip to her ex’s house for some reason that had to do with custody of her kids. I don’t know why it was so important but it was. She was begging me to go with her. I was nervous about the trip, it reeked of trouble. I asked Coach if he would go along with us but he said no. he needed to nap before work. So I told this woman I needed to use the restroom before we left. She gave me an hour to get myself together.

I went upstairs to pee. I had to go really, really bad. The bathroom upstairs had two doors, except the doors were missing and had blankets hanging as make-shift doors. I make it into the restroom and sit down to pee when loads of girls walk in. They proceed to form a line waiting to use the toilet. I asked if they could please wait outside but they didn’t hear me because they were all giggling and gossiping so much. Then… a contractor came in with another man & started measuring the door jambs, counters, cabinets, and etc. I’m still sitting on the toilet. I said, rather loudly, that I’m trying to pee and would everyone please step out. No one moved… the contractor looked at me and said it shouldn’t be a problem, just pee!

I get up off the toilet in complete exasperation and head back downstairs. Coach is sitting at the breakfast table with a shirt on but no pants. He stands up and begins walking to our bedroom for pants. I’m trying to walk between him and the guests to block the view of his man junk. He thought it was pretty funny and began shaking things around a bit. Slut! I get him into the bedroom and ask him again to go with us on this little road trip… Again, he tells me no.


I go back into the main room where everyone is gathered. All the girls appear to be ready to leave & are putting finishing touches on their makeup. I think this is a great time to try for the bathroom again. I bolt upstairs, go through the blanket/door and perch myself on the toilet. My daughter & her sister come in! WTF? I just want to pee! They are followed by the contractor and other man again. Shit. I have to pee really bad now. Spasms are setting in. I get up, fasten my pants and head out to the porch… what am I going to do? I sit on the porch swing for a few minutes with some boy who is swinging high. The motion doesn’t help me at all…

The woman who wants to take the road trip comes out and asks if I’m ready to leave. I tell her I still have to pee and she says let’s go and we’ll stop at the store. Okay.

We load up in 2 cars, mine & hers. Our first stop is a corner store. It is all whitewashed wood and crowded. There are lots of cars outside. I throw my car in park and head inside in search of a restroom. Behind the counter is Fonzie and Joanie and Potsie. My mind was blown right out its, shooting up through my skull leaving little bits of splatter everywhere. Not really but man. Not only were the folks from Arnold’s at this corner store, but Fonzie and Joanie were playing a game – they were pretending to be Mr & Mrs Roper high on dope… Sheesh. Where did that come from? I inquire about a restroom as I’m trying to get over the counter. For some reason I think the restroom is behind the counter… They tell me the restroom is outside while pointing at a blue outhouse.

And then I woke up. And I had to pee really bad!

Obviously, I have a new lesion in my brain. I think it’s located on the dreambellum and impacting the medulla oblongata or something. In all my life, I don’t recall having many dreams… and I almost never remember them. Now I’m having CRAZY dreams, in full color, and I remember them for the first ½ hour of being awake. Life is weird.

I think it’s obvious to everyone….

I need to call Frasier…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  14 Responses to “Peeing with the Stars”

  1. I felt tired after reading that dream. Such an exhausting and harrowing dream. And that awful, I have to go now thing. I really, really have to go. And in ten minutes I will have to go again.
    Does anyone else have that problem. If, for some reason, getting to the loo is held up I will need to go again about every ten minutes for hours. Bladder spasms I assume. Joy and bliss.

    • This dream is probably why I was so tired even after napping! LOL

      I have bladder spasms like that too…. If I don’t go when I need to, then I end up going every 10 minutes as well. Sucks really

  2. Too funny! IMO, The dream was about the problems you are having with bathroom issues. That, and waking you up to GO. I don’t know what coach’s junk means, and am not going to speculate.

    And to think you blame poor Beulah for getting you up

    I used to have dreams that would segue into the search for a bathroom when I had to go, but now that I have a cath. I don’t have those dreams any more.

    • It’s funny to think that the entire time I was dreaming I had to pee. I’m just glad I finally woke up instead of peeing in my dream which may or may not mean peeing in the bed! OH my.

  3. Wow it looks like u feel really mad . U try to do something and people wont let u …. idk thats just how i see it . Lol

    The realky weird thing is that i dream all the time 100% in color .. all of them .. and i still rememberthem when i wake up .. in my culture dreams are signs of or for something sometimes warning signs .. look up the things that made a big impression in Ur dream .. like coaches man junk lmao .. and all the little girls ..

    Did u feel jelouse in your dream ?? . When coach was swinging his junk ??

    Is there somebody jounger at coaches work that u dont like ?? . Not makong any suggestion or assumptions . But just giving u something to think about ..
    Love and miss u mama . ♡♡ . Say hi to coach ..

    • I don’t know Nacho… I can’t think of anyone who makes me jealous around here. Although there was one woman who was all Abbbyyyyy the other night at a game and blew him a good luck kiss LOL I was ready to kick her arse! She has since figured out that I’m the love of his life and she doesn’t stand a chance ha!

      I have no idea why he was jiggling his junk other than it’s a man thing that y’all like to do from time to time… hahaha

      I will have to go look at a dream site for this one. I visited a site the other day about the goat dream. Did you see that one?

      We miss you too!!

  4. lol Whenever I have dreams of water or needing to relieve myself it’s usually my brain trying to wake me up so that I can actually get up and go to the washroom lol I did have a dream once that George Carlin was decorating my apartment and I really didn’t like his sense of style with these draping panels of fabric hanging from the middle of the ceiling and then pulled back near the bottom and attached to the walls. I was not amused. lol
    Stay inspired!

  5. I have always had very vivid dreams from the time I was a child to now. I won’t go into the precognizant ones — too scary. Parts of your dream are like many of mine — the bathroom part — why are there always so many people around?? The traveling, strange people being in places — those are parts of my dreams, too. I usually remember my dreams, and many of them play reruns.

    • It seems like there were people EVERYWHERE and all I wanted to do was go potty! And I don’t know why it was such a big deal to go while the girls were in the room…but for some reason it was. I couldn’t get things started with them all in tehre LOL

  6. Love it. I find dreams so interesting, so interesting that NO ONE yet understands what they are all about, like MS, no one knows what is REALLY happening in our brains or why. I have had such dreams lately (I didn’t used to remember any either) involves same concept–I need to use loo and strangers are about. Sometimes they are also actors. The choice of actors fascinates me. Rarely are they from the same movie or TV show, eras apart at times…but I usually wake up and DO have to use loo (“pee” as you say), so am thinking brain is speaking for bladder. I NEVER dream of my lovers. Always found that strange. Coach, too funny. If only we could capture our dreams for YouTube–I KNOW it would be worth millions.

    • I’m sorta liking that I remember my dreams lately. They are so creative and weird ha!

      I have been wondering about the assortment of characters that were there… the TV was on while I was napping so I wonder if Happy Days or Threes Company was showing… I might have to go investigate that.

      As much as men like showing off their junk from time to time, and as vain as Coach is, I bet he might be a bit shy to shake it all for youtube LOL But maybe for money….. hahaha

  7. I think, Girl, you have interesting dreams! OK, I cleaned that up a bit. My first reaction was more along the lines of WTF!

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