May 232011

Yeah, so it was Monday again… made it through. I don’t know why we all dread Monday so much… they seem to always come around and we always seem to make it through. I am one of those that dreads it…but really I shouldn’t. I like my job … and more importantly I HAVE A JOB….


Where we live we get mail delivery just as if this were an apartment complex. We have little mailboxes that we check on mail days. The folks in the office accept all the mail, sort it, and then stick it in mostly the right boxes…. and if we get something that is too big, they leave a notice letting us know we have a package in the office.

Now I don’t know about you, but when we get one of those notices, we tend to get a bit excited… I mean, a package? Really? I wonder what it is? Normally I get home before the office closes at 5 in the afternoons…and the office is closed all day on Sundays…. this past Saturday, Coach & I stopped to check the mail and there was one of those little slips letting us know of our surprise waiting for us…. but dang it if the office wasn’t already closed…. that meant we had to wait til today.

This morning, Coach asked about my hours… they’ve been changing quite a bit, pretty much weekly…. I’ve been helping out in dispatch so there has been little consistency in my work schedule the past several weeks. Coach was worried that I would be working late and not get home before the office closed….he was going to come home at lunch to get our surprise if necessary….

Now won’t he be disappointed when he gets home to find out that there were THREE (3) packages…. and all of them for ME! ha I’ll have to mail him something so he won’t feel left out…. I’m nice like that


And this is what I got….

Pretty cool… medical bracelet with info… and it’s of the sport band variety so it will withstand the wear and tear that is me…. I tend to break bracelets pretty easily….

I also got a package from Shared Solutions that had some Pacific Body Coolers in them… now I don’t know whose body they are going to fit… certainly not mine! They are about 2 inches wide and about 14 inches long…. ha! They have some type of little beads in them…you soak them in cool water and then I think you wrap them around your neck, wrists, or wherever for cooling… They sent me two of these bad boys… woot! For free! Double Woot! And the insert says they will stay cool for 18-30 hours… really? Gonna have to try them out!

And the third package was not nearly as exciting to most, but for those of us taking daily injections it is fabulous. There was this huge recall on alcohol wipes a few months ago. So I’ve been using cotton balls soaked in alcohol for my injections…. not bad, I mean that’s what we used to do all the time anyway right? Well, the third package had 6 packages of alcohol wipes … that’s a total of 192 wipes! (told you it wasn’t so exciting) ha!

Gotta find the little jewels of life where I can….


Happy Monday!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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