Feb 012012

… oh yes


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Unfortunately it makes me puke. Just the smell. I could be used as a sniffer dog … follow that wobbly woman. Is she losing her lunch yet?

    • i’ve talked to others who say the same thing – can’t stand the smell and it makes them sick… and others who love the aroma…. as for me, i like the smell of MJ that is high quality… but the junk weed smells awful and i don’t like it at all….

  2. Oh, and no, I don’t have any contacts down there. I do hear of a lot of turmoil from that school. Probably no more than any other though. And…it would be great to have you this close. Easier for me to mess with ya!

  3. I rely on my DMD (Gilenya) and cannabis as my only medications for MS.
    I am very happy to see this here.
    Seems like most MS blogs avoid the cannabis discussion for whatever reason.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up today!

    • unfortunately for me they wonder drug is not legal for me here in Texas…. and due to the nature of my job it would be quite risky for me to partake 🙂

      my neuro has recommended it highly for me… but…. bleh

      there are so many benefits for those of us with MS. there is even research that shows that cannabis slows the progression of the disease at least as much as most the DMD’s that cost us $4000+ monthly… not to mention what it does for symptom management… so much healthier than the prescribed narcos, less toxic, and certainly makes us happier 🙂

      perhaps one day it will be legal here

      • I’m afraid Texas could be one of the last states to decriminalize. Although I would have never thought Washington DC would/could years back.
        I am waiting until this election to make the decision to move to a decriminalized state. A certain party may jump at the opportunity and ability to walk in and shut down dispensaries. (I can not physically grow it myself so dispensaries as an option is critical)

        There is still Federal Laws to deal with. Until the Federal Government can (fully) recognize the medicinal benefits, and pass the appropriate laws, I will always be a criminal. (I say fully because there are currently 4 patients in the US that are receiving government provided medical marijuana)

        Its really not difficult, lift the federal ban, and let states regulate it like they do alcohol. That statement is easy on the ears for some, to me that means access to my meds, but with what regulations?
        Dry counties? No cannabis sold on Sundays? Who knows.
        But in my ideal world, I can walk into a pharmacy or dispensary any day of the week, and have access to affordable medication.

        Some recent articles stated that Sativex (oral spray) is in its final phase trials for FDA approval. Sativex is specifically marketed for MS patients. I am excited about this stuff. I don’t need to get high. I just need relief from my spasticity. It apparently delivers just that.

        Regular forms of cannabis provide me with pain relief, acts as a muscle relaxer, anti-depressant, and helps with anxiety.
        I had two anxiety attacks one day that completely locked me up, could not move hands, legs, mouth, nothing. Hands were curled up to my body and I could only mumble. First one went to ER, regained movement after waiting in ER for an hour (walked out before seeing a doctor). Had a second one, my gf helped hold a joint for me. I regained movement well before the joint was done. Don’t know if that was because I changed my breathing habits that moment or what, but I will give cannabis the credit.
        (attacks were after losing my 8yr old lab suddenly cancer overnight)

        I could go on all day about this magic little weed, it truly is a life saving drug for me. It improves my life quality and makes it worth living, as sad as that is.
        Thanks again for the post.

        end of rant…

        • there is one candidate out there who wants to band the “war on drugs” and in his campaign speeches he specifically mentions marijuana use by MS patients…. he won me over right then… Ron Paul…

          i hate to hear that you had anxiety attacks… those certainly don’t help things when added to your MS… everything is such a struggle as it is without having that additional shit

          i have chatted with using sativex… they would rather use regular MJ as the satives created unusual feelings – much different from a natural high

          if i had access i wouldn’t want to be stoned… just relieved of the symptoms and i think that can be achieved without reaching that type of high…

          who knows, maybe one of these days it will happen for us…. legalization would certainly solve a plethora of issues – the economy would have a huge boost, the cartels would be effectively put out of business, and i think the number of drug addicts would decrease.

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