Oct 292013

The truth is almost always somewhere in the middle. Two opponents promoting their own version of the truth… it’s all about perspective. And somewhere in the middle is the truth. Relationships, politics, the media… it applies almost universally.

We all see the world from our own unique vantage point. And the truth is generally our own… we, as human beings, don’t normally adopt someone else’s truth. I think it’s against our instinctual desire for preservation. If we went around adopting another’s truth, eventually we would be very disappointed. Yet, most people start out adopting the truth of others.

Life would be much more interesting and entertaining if people took the time to seek truth on their own instead of blindly taking on the truth of others. A good place to start researching truth is in the middle. It’s sort of the same principle as analyzing a lie… every lie contains some truth. Now it may be that the bit of truth is twisted so far out of context that it’s very difficult to find… but it’s there. And the bit of truth that’s there may not be reality… it could be a truth in the liar’s own mind. A single person’s reality being promoted as the truth, even if it’s a lie.

We would all do good to separate reality from truth. My truth is based on my reality. Your truth is based on your reality. And then – there is what is. The actual truth. What really is. My observations show me that just about every person has difficulty seeing what really is. Life experiences… our past (good & bad), the experiences or truths of others we take on, our dreams and hopes, our pursuit of happiness… while these things are unique to each person, they are universal. They are the basic things every person thinks about. And they create our own truth, our own reality that is as individual as our DNA.


The pursuit of happiness…

Isn’t that what drives a person to do the things they do? To make the choices they make? Good and bad. Each person will make choices they feel will bring them a sense of happiness, joy, peace… Good or bad. Every thought, action, and word spoken is a choice in the pursuit of individual happiness. Yes?

There are many things in my world right now I don’t particularly agree with but am powerless to change or even begin to effect change. I do well to remember that it’s not all the actual truth but variations of the truth. I may never know the actual truth or reality of some of these things.. in fact, I am certain I will NEVER know about some truths. (and do I really need to know? eh, probably not) That’s okay because I can take both sides of any one thing, action, thought, story… I can consider both sides and know that the truth is most likely somewhere in the middle. I find some sort of comfort in that… especially when I am observing many societal things going to shit.

One day, hopefully soon, something more akin to the reality… the truth… what really IS… hopefully it will surface so we can all try to make things right and begin to heal as human beings. Maybe.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “On Truth”

  1. I don’t think it’s as important to know the truth all the time as it is to realize that someone else’s truth is just as important as our own truth. As long as we can do that, we’re going to be okay. Sounds like you’ve got that down.

  2. About the only ‘truth’ I suscribe to all of the time is that cruelty is wrong. Emotional, mental or physical – to whoever or whatever.

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