Nov 262013

I love food. Too much in fact. It comforts me, helps me celebrate. It makes my happiness bigger. Ugh.

To help me on this horrible journey, I found a website to track and keep up with where I am. It syncs with my mobile contraptions – really cool thing here… bar code scanning allows me to add all the food data without typing it in. I like that 🙂 So the website is called Lose It! and using it has really made things real for me. Reports, graphs, charts… wing dings & wam wams… love them!


Tracking Fats-Carbs-Protien I’ve shoved in my face


The data… keeps me honest


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “On Food”

  1. Wow. It is a bit scary that snacks account for more than breakfast or lunch. And I am sure they would here too.

    • I know! And my snacks are Atkins bars… they have more calories than anything else I’m eating. But they have lots of fiber so that helps. I never knew about subtracting fiber from carbs to get “net carbs”. That’s what I get for reading the book LOL

  2. Realized that it’s been a while since I stopped in and said hello, although thanks to the emails I DO manage to keep up with you posts. Good luck with the weight loss. Although one might assume that it isn’t something that I know much about, I struggled with weight a good deal of my life, with the three pregnancies each leaving me with an extra 10-15 lbs. Did manage to take it off about 2 yrs before getting MS but having been an issue for a BIG part of my life it is NOT something I don’t think about:) and even though it has now been 10 years, I am still aware that I could begin to creep back up on that stupid scale I visit every morning…STILL.

    • Same here 🙂 I keep up with via email. Our internet is so darn crappy that I have a really hard time visiting websites.

      I have been struggling with my weight since I was in my 20’s. There were a few years that my weight was good… I felt good and looked cute LOL But since I’ve gotten sick, and menopause is starting to do it’s thing… well, the weight has become an issue once again.

      I remember when I lost weight and felt really good, I promised I wouldn’t let myself get fat again. Pft. Guess I broke that promise.

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