Jan 272012

excuse me, will you be offended if i blink right now? you see, my eyes are sort of burning and getting rather red… and since blinking is sort of innate to who i am… well i just need to make sure i won’t be blasted by some judge for blinking… i certainly don’t want to offend you….

pretty ridiculous.

the state of things in this country is so freakin sad…. you and i both know that much of the reason for the evilness that is surrounding us is the lack of God, or Buddha, or any other higher power….

oh wait… i can’t pray but they are out there prostrating in the streets 5 times a day… what the hell. i can’t wear a crucifix around my neck but they were prayer beads, pentagrams, or some other symbol of religion or non-religion. i can’t call my holiday by it’s name but we are learning about the religious holidays of other cultures…

if the atheists and people of color can be offended by the use of certain things, well let me tell you something… i’m offended that i have to deny that i am a Christian who prays and wears crosses… and i’m sorry that my skin color offends you….

i am offended that i’m not allowed to display CHRISTmas decorations and that i am not allowed to pray openly and that i am not allowed to wear a shirt bearing any resemblance to anything churchy…

if i do any of those things i have to fear the judge and his sentencing proclaiming my offenses against others… or maybe the random drive by shooting…

what is wrong with people? so that girl was offended that a prayer was hanging in her school. what if i’m offended that they have to take it down?

the very ones who cry offense are committing other acts that offended me… what’s up with that?

i have to hang up now… i’m pretty peeved and might end up saying something i shouldn’t… govt may or may not find me treasonous…

i’ll call back later when i’m in a more politically correct frame of mind…

yeah right

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “oh… bless your heart… did i offend you? sheesh”

  1. It’s all gonna end someday, and when it does, she will be looking up asking why her ASS is on fire.
    All we can do at that point is say “I tried to warn ya”.
    Until then, we gotta warn them.

  2. I am a respectful non believer. I will not attempt to force my views on you, and expect the same tolerance in return.

    • Oh dear. I just reread that and it sounded like I was crabby at you. No, no, no. I meant it generally, not personally. I love reading this blog, I love the person I am learning to know. We have both similarities and differences. Which is great Live and let live.

      • Oh no worries! I dont think your other comment sounded bad at all 🙂 and i too am enjoying learning about you…and all those beautiful creatures you have around your home! I am so envious!

  3. Yes it is a bit much at times OKAY all the time!! Sorry to say I love Christmas and saying a prayer when buying a lotto ticket. Don’t notice if anyone gets upset about it, because I would have to care that people think! But I don’t care, what people think about me does not matter much to me, you see I’ve just got to be ME!! I say go ahead and just be YOU!

    • . i think that everyone should be allowed to practice their beliefs without fear of reproach… this country is based on that freedom… i just use Christianity because that is my foundation… along with some Buddhism thrown in for good measure ha! seriously though, i wonder whatever happened to tolerance… we are supposed to be loving, compassionate, and tolerant of others… that has just gone out the window these days and it makes me mad…

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