Feb 202013
  • “As leadership goes so goes the staff”
  • #008080;">#008080;">Hand sanitizer might be the cause of a kid catching on fire? WTF
  • I wonder how long that woman was in the water system in the hotel before the water pressure dropped causing the maintenance folks to check it out… if I were a guest there I would surely be vomiting and gagging about now
  • Instead of teaching all new skills to use during a disaster, skills that don’t get practiced enough… wouldn’t it make more sense to figure out how to utilize the skills a person already has? In a disaster, it seems more reasonable. People will go on auto pilot so to speak, they will revert to what comes naturally to them, what is trained, taught, and used on a day-to-day basis.
  • Watching pajamas blow across the parking lot in these gale force winds… poor person who is now pantless. I can’t decide what’s worse… pantless in the wind or wearing one of those uber fashionable hospital designer gowns with no backside to them.
  • So much to do… I worry that the proverbial poo will hit the big turning fan before I’ve learned the plans. Won’t do to have the coordinator clueless about response actions when I expect the staff to know what to do
  • Hurricane season is only 13 weeks away. I don’t have much time to get my shit together
  • Coach’s baseball team won their first district game last night… 18-5!
  • Tomorrow starts the days long baseball tournament.
  • I don’t know about you but I think baseball pants look much better than football pants… on adult men. I have no opinion on how they look on high school boys… just so we’re clear on that.
  • This morning on the news the weather gal told us there was a wind advisory for today. She wasn’t lying. I just got slammed in the arm by the front door… there have been sustained winds of at least 28 mph since about 2 this afternoon.
  • When one considers the gusts… holy shit. I know we’ve had gusts of at least 40 mph this evening… hence the door slamming my body.
  • My hair has reached a length which mandates a hair stylist person. While it’s growing out, it’s not long yet… only long-er. But it’s definitely in need of some style… or I should say a better style than what I’m currently wearing…which happens to be called Alley Life Sidewalk Sleeper Mop-Head.
  • This weekend the hunt for said stylist begins. I’m thinking cut & color/highlights. It’s been years and years and years since I’ve paid anyone to “do” my hair for me.
  • Only 28 more hours until PAYDAY! We made it… we survived it… and we’ve learned to be creative with what we have. Thank the good Lord almighty this phase of our life is coming to an end… the poor phase… the phase where I sit & wonder where food for our dinner tomorrow is going to come from… the phase in which I spend lots of time staring at the ground everywhere I go in search of the abandoned buck or two humped up against the curb or hiding under the edge of the shelf… you’d be surprised at home much cash I’ve found that way.
  • Only one more day of that level of creativity… whew.
  • I confess to have ripped this off of Facebook… I can’t give appropriate credit to the creator because it’s been passed around more than a $2 whore… you know how these things go….but still, I MUST share it… it’s absolutely perfect. And it completely meshes with who I am and my potential to do great things:


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Holy Cat!!!!!! Woman!!!!!
    Yeah boy 1 more day……
    The 7 month experiment ends friday……Paychecks for all, well the ones who work…..

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