May 142011

i haven’t been around the past 48 hours.. mostly because blogger has been down… WTF?! thankfully it’s back and it appears i didn’t lose my post afterall…. whew! this mind of mine probably wouldn’t be able to recall what i had written… bleh

we are visiting mom and dad2 this weekend…so relaxing and nice… really it is… i love it here… and to tell old stories, look at pictures (i was pretty darned cute) and memories.. love it…

speaking of stories….

mom and her siblings attended Catholic schools…. one day as she was walking to school she found this package on the ground… it was a condom… unused, thank goodness! she opened it up and thought what a funny balloon…as they continued walking to school mom was trying to blow up the balloon… and she was telling me how odd it was…it wouldn’t blow up… haha  so she gets to school and goes to the nun/teacher… she tells the nun to check out this balloon and that she just can’t get it blown up… asks the nun to help her blow it up… the nun was shocked naturally… i mean really, where would a nice little Catholic girl get her hands on a condom?  ha! mom tells her that she found it while walking to school… the nun takes it away and tells her it’s not a balloon… mom asks well then what is it? the nun tells mom “it’s just something men spit in” OMG hahaha  not exactly a lie but not exactly what mom thought of as spitting either

  •  May 14, 2011
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