Jul 202011
happy dance

happy dance

#000000;">for my dear friend….. you know who you are…. i am still amazed and awed that you helped me the way you did…. you are an incredible woman! i will never be able to say thank you enough or truly repay your kindness in a way that says what i’m feeling in these moments…. you have once again helped to restore some of my faith in humanity… in people…. incredible thing….

#000000;">and now for a few nuggets

#000000;">little nuggets

#000000;">not chicken nuggets… unfortunately

#000000;">so without further ado….

#000000;">nuggets of thought from a messy mind….

  • #000000;">nancy grace is a riot
  • #000000;">i don’t agree with her…. hardly ever
  • #000000;">i do enjoy watching her though…she gets so incredibly wound up! 
  • #000000;">gonna give herself a stroke if she’s not careful
  • #000000;">she just doesn’t understand why they are hiding casey anthony… really?
  • #000000;">um, because you keep bashing her and so there is this mob thing going on!
  • #000000;">come on now
  • #000000;">casey anthony would not be having all these residual problems if nancy grace, jane velez-mitchell, vinnie whats-his-face would have shut up
  • #000000;">they created the mentality that is going on right now
  • #000000;">and they don’t want her to be a “celebrity”? THEN QUIT TALKING ABOUT HER!
  • #000000;">the best thing i heard yesterday was when jose baez sent a text message to the media and said the lawyer/pilot guy was “having fun with you guys”
  • #000000;">jack with them! ha!
  • #000000;">and her parents… the people on HLN just can’t seem to understand why she doesn’t want to see her parents…
  • #000000;">um, they threw her under the bus
  • #000000;">not to mention the twisted dynamics that make up that family
  • #000000;">whether or not we agree, she was found NOT GUILTY
  • #000000;">leave the woman alone
  • #000000;">and for those who say they won’t pay a dime for books, interviews, etc…. i say BS
  • #000000;">yes you will
  • #000000;">there is a morbid curiosity going on surrounding this case
  • #000000;">moving along….
  • #000000;">saw a sign yesterday…. “some call it bitching… i call it motivational speaking”
  • #000000;">fabulous!
  • #000000;">looks as if we are staying here for another year
  • #000000;">no job offers came our way
  • #000000;">that’s okay… we are good where we are… good jobs, friends, routine
  • #000000;">AND
  • #000000;">i qualified for LTD through my insurance at work
  • #000000;">i never thought that would happen… and it has been a huge burden lifted from my shoulders
  • #000000;">i was given a project at work that i REALLY like
  • #000000;">i’m putting together a couple of websites… one internal and one public
  • #000000;">now this is the kind of project i like… makes me happy
  • #000000;">i’ll be finishing up on a really big art project this week…. i’ll put up some pics when it’s done
  • #000000;">and when is it going to cool off already? 
  • #000000;">holy hell!
  • #000000;">there were heavy dark clouds surrounding our fair city for most of the day yesterday
  • #000000;">even heard some lightening and saw some thunder     
  • #000000;">saw some lightening and heard some thunder (damn MS dyslexia junk)   
  • #000000;">but do you think there was one single drop of rain? 
  • #000000;">hell no

    #000000;">i hope you enjoyed the nuggets…. tasty weren’t they? 
    #000000;">next time i’ll serve them up maybe with some ranch dressing…
    #000000;">or maybe some BBQ sauce….
    #000000;">just let me know what you prefer with your nuggets….
    #000000;">because i aim to please
    #000000;">just the sort of person i am…
    #000000;">Happy Day!
    #000000;">happy flower nugget
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  16 Responses to “nuggets of thought”

  1. 1. For me, S&S or BBQ for the nuggets.
    2. You are in hell- most of the country is in hell – but not where I live; I am still chilly. Maybe we’ll get into the 70’s this week. We’ll see. I’d like to eat my birthday dinner outside in the warmth of sunshine, and with a glass of wine.
    3. You got Long Term Disability from work? And you can still work? At the same time??? That’s good news. Coach got an offer for another year where you are?
    4. Can’t wait to see your art.

    Hope you’re feeling well.

    • the LTD is only insurance…. so if i become ill or too disabled to work they pay my monthly salary, well most of it, until SSD kicks in… and since that can take so long i’ve been worried about it… i mean, if took 2 years to approve federal disability, that’s 2 years without my income! yikes! so the LTD insurance covers me during that time…. and it starts paying on the 4th day of illness….

      coach has been at this same school for 7 years now…. he was wanting to go somewhere else, move up in the world of coaching…. but that didn’t happen so we are staying put… no threat of losing his job here at all…they like him well here… he just wanted to move up from position coach to a coordinator or head coach job…. so maybe next year

      ooo 70’s… man… i dream of those like i do of money and chocolate! ha!

  2. Good to have such a good friend. Hold them dear. Oh yeah and I dunno about staying in Texas LOL I hear it is dry and hot as $&% there!

    Super that you got qualified for LTD !!! Most awesome!

    thank you for your help with all things phone – dang I am so behind the times on that technology ha!

    Waiting for art project pics


    • wouldn’t it be nice to leave texas?! if only i could get the rest of my family to see that light!! ha! it is way hot and dry as hades…. bleh

      you are so welcome on the phone thing…. although frustrating to learn these silly phones are pretty fun with all the wing dings and wam wams to play with

      i hope to post some pictures maybe friday or saturday… because then i will maybe actually have some time to work on said project lol

  3. yikes, girl. can i share your amazing friends. just kidding, I so glad that you have this woman in your life. we all need at least one.
    I have questions:
    1. who is Nancy Grace?
    2. why doesn’t she have her own life.
    3. What is LTD? I thought that meant limited as in a corporation. Whatever it is, I’m glad it lightened your shoulders.
    You sound so full of energy. New work project, more websites, art project – woman, send me a bottle of your TX water!
    good friends, good jobs, routine – love your gratitude and luv you too.

    • ahh amazing friends! they are beautiful! you too are counted as one of my amazing friends 😉

      nancy grace…she is on CNN/HLN as a crime “reporter”…. she doesn’t actually qualify as news…she is more of a talk show personality that goes off the deep end on her rants…. and it’s pretty funny to watch her… just have to be careful not to let her get my blood pressure up! she used to be an attorney…. i don’t know how… she doesn’t follow the basic principals of innocent until proven guilty… she condemns within hours of first hearing of some new issue… then when the case doesn’t go her way, she rants and rages until she creates a mob mentality among the public.. much like what is going on in your state right now…

      LTD… long term disability insurance… protects me should i become disabled… they say it takes on average, 2 years to be approved for federal disablitity with social security… so the LTD covers my paycheck until the other gets approved…. and it starts on the 4th day of illness! woot! in addition, if i become ill, really ill, and take off work for a month or two or three, the LTD covers my paycheck… so i don’t have to go without income…woot!

      i’m not so full of energy… and all this junk is why i don’t manage to do anything around the house or for fun… haha thank God for coach… he picks up all that slack….

      gots to have a good attitude… otherwise i’d just cry and moan hahahaha

      Love you Paula!

      • Love You Too Sherri!
        So if LTD starts the fourth day of your illness, since you just got approved, does that mean that it’s retroactive? I hope so. That would be verrrrry nice.
        But maybe I’m confused and LTD is a personal insurance you pay for yourself.
        I am going to be looking for a job soon, so wish me luck. Not much down here – I’m not picky – just dont want to be standing all day. As it is I wobble and trip on my own feet.
        Did you see the email with the zen tangle fingernail polish?

        • the LTD is disability insurance… it ensures that i will still receive my paycheck – well a portion of my paycheck – should i become unable to work… i do pay for it myself… it’s an add-on to my insurance at work… and having it has lifted such a huge weight from my mind

          i did see that website with the fingernail polish! that is amazing stuff…i sent it on to my kiddo because she and her girlfriends have nail painting parties and are all in to doing the designs ha

  4. yikes, girl. can i share your amazing friends. just kidding, I so glad that you have this woman in your life. we all need at least one.
    I have questions:
    1. who is Nancy Grace?
    2. why doesn’t she have her own life.
    3. What is LTD? I thought that meant limited as in a corporation. Whatever it is, I’m glad it lightened your shoulders.

    You sound so full of energy. New work project, more websites, art project – woman, send me a bottle of your TX water!
    good friends, good jobs, routine – love your gratitude and luv you too.

  5. I find Nancy Grace entertaining (although I don’t watch her ALL the time). I agree she could give herself a stroke…. even her anger cracks me up, I’m sorry, I can’t help it.
    I do think you are so right – stop talking about she-who-shall-not-be-named. Stop giving her the time of day. Stop creating a “celebrity” air about her. Just stop.
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

    • ha i find ms. grace incredibly entertaining… i laugh and laugh!! she just gets soooo dang mad!! but what bothers me about her is that she gets the public outraged as well….and she’s going to get whats-her-face killed…. if anything happens to that girl, it will be on the medias conscious… they have gone way overboard on condemnation… not guilty means not guilty, whether or not it is true, that is her judgement… and the media has forgotten to shut up about it lol

      that whole airplane landing, woman in pink shirt thing yesterday was a riot… and the text message about “he’s just playing with you” hahahahaha that is exactly the kind of thing i would have done had i been in the same position as the defense team…. why not jack with them a bit? so over they top, they deserve a bit of ribbing

      • Sherri, I didn’t agree with the verdict but I don’t agree with hunting her down and killing her or her family… what are we animals? I think those that are outraged just don’t know where to put their anger for what happened to the tiny tot.
        It is awful to think that anyone could just throw a child away… if I think of it too long I can get myself worked up too. I just know, in the end, none of us will go without punishment for our sins.
        Btw, thanks so much for the Tiger tip! We have Tiger. I just have to see if it’s the “red”. You are a lifesaver!
        ~ Mona : )
        Mona’s Milestones
        Feel free to stop by and vote on “How do you promote your blog?”

  6. Sweet and Sour sauce please……..
    Been missing you gal! Glad to hear the LTD worked out. I am jealous that you get to live another year in the Tx Hill Country……I so love that place….Hugs

    • oh sweet & sour is wonderful!! i love that stuff…. i buy that nasty arse frozen chicken nugget stuff from HEB and douse them in sweet & sour…. makes them edible ha!

      been missing you too! summer… gots us all bustin butt

      hill country… i love it…but the city…bleh… our main goal is to get out of the big city and back to a slower pace…. maybe next summer

      xoxo to you & w-spouse!

  7. OMG!!!!! “some call it bitching… i call it motivational speaking” I am totally stealing that!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Between that and chunky dunking, I can’t stop giggling!!!!

    In my typical selfish way, I’m sad you are there for another year, I’d rather you were HERE!!!

    I like honey mustard, thank you very much.

    • you certainly must steal it! i did 🙂 it was noticed on a sign hanging in a kitchen ha

      honey mustard…. you and coach… honey mustard… easy to remember

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