Oct 062011

well it’s pretty late in the PM about now… just got home not too long ago from work… this was my day to work late… and i usually end up leaving later than scheduled on my late days… so i end up with a late late day… such is life

it’s pretty dang hot in the tin can… good news though! coach found the motor we need to make the electric AC work again.. oh thank goodness!! and the cost isn’t TOO high… more than i wish we had to spend but i think that being cool is definitely worth the $150

i’m doing the ms walk in austin on october 29th… i have a team that consists of me and my daughter lol

hopefully we’ll get some others to join the team and come walk with us… it’s going to be a good one… dell diamond… 9a-1p… lunch, live entertainment, and a halloween costume contest… what more could you want? and it’s free too! i suppose i should put something in my sidebar… a donation button or something… but with just 3 donations, i’m already at 55% of my personal fund-raising goal…

and what i’m going to say now will probably defeat all fund-raising potential… but here i go

i’m not all about asking for money… it’s nice when people are generous and donate though… but for me, the emphasis is on awareness… raising the awareness level of those around me, in my community… you get what i mean i’m sure… you are a smart bunch 🙂

seriously though… i think that raising awareness is crucial… letting people know we are out there… yes our disorder is basically invisible… except for the drunken chicken stuff

and some cognitive junk… and maybe some other spazzy types of things… but basically, invisible disorder… so awareness is so important… that’s my goal.. to make you all more aware of what it’s like to live with this beast….because i know you all want to know ha!

i have to send out the big THANK YOU to those that have already donated on my behalf… you all surprise me and inspire me and keep me going… amazing to me that you do this for me… truly

ok so that’s all i have for today…

oh wait… occupy austin is here… started today… i haven’t heard or read one negative thing yet from this protest… austin pd is pretty savvy when it comes to protests and marches and other hippie shit… sort of the culture in this sweet town

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. You do so much for awareness already. Honestly, I never even looked into MS before reading your blog. I still don’t know much about it other than it makes you walk like a drunk chicken, but I have read some things and followed you and your other readers comments concerning their struggles. Your welcome, we do so because we kind like you…. a lot. 🙂

  2. Occupy Seattle is active also, pitching tents in downtown. The  police had Parks and Rec. tear down their tents as putting up a tent in a public space is “against the law.” 33 were arrested. So, yeah … welcome back 1969-70. it seems this movement is growing.

    Oh yeah, last year I E=mailed several relatives asking them to sponsor me as a virtual walker, and I raked in nearly $200. Just think what I might have raised if I thought to do it ahead of the deadline!

  3. I know what you mean about the invisibility.  When I was first diagnosed a person I worked with told me to go and get a second opinion because ‘you don’t look like you have MS.  Not at all’.  So awareness is necessary.  Thanks.

  4. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve done the walk once or twice.

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