Jan 242013
  • Finally, payday arrived! Whew! I spent yesterday paying bills, running errands… and the ultimate of the day? I spent 2 hours in the grocery store… buying real food. Oh my. What a wonderful day it was. Now if a stupid job would just happen for me we wouldn’t have to go through that stress again….


  • I’ve been finding some music that I really enjoy… it’s new to me but not new. Where have I been? I used to be on top of new music but somehow that’s slipped away from me… It’s a part of my other life. Anyway, I’m glad to have stumbled across these little diddy’s –

  • Sheesh…. Now they are saying aspirin can have a negative impact on a person’s vision. “They” sure know how to drive the consumer market in the direction ‘they” think it should go. For years and years now, aspirin has helped to prevent cardiac troubles. I guess it’s so effective that the makers of cardiac meds are suffering financially so “they” must drive the consumer back down that road? How else do “they” explain that aspirin is suddenly so bad for our vision?


  • A few quotes I’ve seen floating around (the second one was read by Rossi of Criminal Minds the other night):


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. –Albert Einstein

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu

  • The other day I mentioned wondering about how many illness bloggers are really what they claim… and now today, in a newsletter I receive, I find this story… the story of a woman battling cancer who was scammed by at least 2 other bloggers claiming to have cancer that escalated quickly, along with several other devastating events in their journey.


  • Every time I eat I get a horrible case of the hiccups. Really sucks. I rather prefer for my food to slide down my esophagus, into my stomach and go easily through the digestive process. But instead, I hiccup and the food rebels, entering my esophagus once again… not pretty at all. Blasted MS.


  • IMAS – the local museum here is hosting a pencil drawing workshop this weekend. I have been thinking about going… but I probably won’t. It costs too much money for me to splurge right now. But it feels good to know these things are happening around here.


  • It would seem that winter is over here in the Valley. Our temps are back up in the 70′s & 80′s. It was certainly a brief reprieve from the heat. I only thought I lived in places with 2 seasons before… now I really do ha! The sad thing about this is the impact on my body. Yesterday I really noticed it. My fatigue level went back up, my walking distance went way down, my thoughts were once again foggy, and the headaches have returned. Dammit.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “Notes Again”

  1. I hope all is well with you. My sister has MS and on our blog: http://www.mslife.lifesparknetwork.com there is a new promising treatment for those afflicted with this horrid disease.
    Please stop by and share your story!

  2. I put a link to a “new” song I just discovered on my blog today as well. There is so much new stuff I don’t like, it’s nice to find something that I do.

    Ya, as far as aspirin goes, I think there are benefits and risks to all drugs. We have to be educated consumers, but get our education from reliable sources, not the media.

    I had a first hand experience with a faker on the net. A couple of years ago I used to belong to an online MS suppport forum and chat room. There was a member that had MS, then suddenly was struck with brain cancer. She would continue to show up in the chat room even when she was hospitalised, having surgery etc. We all would email her, some even talked to her on the phone, sent her gifts, cards and even money. I was very sceptical. A few times her “husband” would come into the chat room to let us all know her status. At one point her “husband” showed up in chat while she was supposedly dying. That did it for me, I mean if she was dying, would her “husband” be wasting his time chatting to us? I called her out as a fraud, and lost a lot of friends in the group. A few weeks later it was proven that she was indeed a faker and didn’t even have MS let alone brain cancer.

    I understand what you are going through with the heat. I can’t function when it’s above 75 degrees. It’s still winter here, minus 25 today. My spasticity acts up, but I’ll take the cold over heat any day.

    • The fakers just upset me so much. I don’t know why but I guess it’s because they are taking some of the “glory” from us? No that’s not it… I think it’s because they tend to put out false info, sap everyone’s sympathy, and hurt so many people in the process…

      Speaking of weather… we are up to 90 today… ugh

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