Mar 032011

i spent some time this week telling you all how busy we are… and how i figured out how to have time to rest… and restore some semblance of humanness… you know, go two nights – stay home one night – go two nights – etc….  yeah, well… that didn’t work out so good this week….

last night was my night to stay home and morph back into a functioning resemblance of me… but i had too much to do! grocery shopping…. laundry… stuff like that… all the running doesn’t allow time for us to do those things…. so my “night off ” turned into a night of catching up… ugh! it’s okay though… i had a bit of a time getting up this morning but i feel alright…and that’s the most important thing…

you know, being so busy is probably good for me… i don’t have time to slow down and that means i don’t have time to sit & think…. which we have all discovered gets me all worked up into a huge attractive tizzie! at least last night when coach came home i wasn’t sitting her blubbering and insecure and a total wreck ha!

and in large part i owe thanks to angry squaw for that… she and i spent time chatting last night…. she’s a hoot! and she kept my mind occupied…. big, big help! and we discovered that we have much in common… we have  had similar experiences…. amazes me how many women end up dealing with garbage in their lives….and sometimes the crap is so incredible that you just have to laugh about it…because if you don’t well you end going quite crazy! and those of us who end up in these situations end up often times doing the same things over and over… repeating our patterns…choosing the wrong sort of guy…. i think it’s a reflection of our own self-worth on some level….

but then… finally…we figure out we are worth while…we are valid people…we are kind and compassionate and worthy of being loved in a healthy and vibrant way…we find that man who loves us for who we are and actually LIKES who we are….and life becomes wonderful again!

anyhoo…. i hope you all have a wonderful thursday! i plan to have a good one…easy day at work…sitting at the office doing paperwork is on my agenda… no running around the district…well, unless someone ends up bombing a school or something (hush your mouth!)

the mess that is my mind

  •  March 3, 2011
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