Dec 142012

-Coach was a booby prize! It seems that some of the athletes had a contest of some sort. I suppose the contests they make up create more fun when they are working out so hard. Anyway… so, the contest loser gets the booby prize – placing a hand on Coach’s tattoo (on his arm) and kissing him on the head. I guess for a teenage boy, this would be pretty mortifying… so the kid that, has this nickname given to him by the coaching staff… Ricky Bobby… oh my. When he lost the contest he was adamant that it become a double or nothing… the loser would have to take the sweatiest tshirt in the locker room and rub it all over his face. I think I would rather kiss Coach’s head… but that’s just me.

(I can’t stand Will Ferrell… he comes off as such an idiot)


-The evil in Connecticut is beyond anything I can comment on. My prayers are with everyone… the impact is more far reaching than any of us can imagine. This world is full of evil. Full of it. Satan abounds and thrives in a world that is increasingly turning its back on God, or whatever good & pure higher power that is subscribed too.

-It’s unfortunate to say this but our financial black hole is getting worse and worse, almost by the day. There is no relief in sight and we simply cannot afford to continue on this path. I refuse to lose everything in order to get back the money taken from me for the past 30 years. It’s not fair to me, and more importantly, it’s not fair to Coach. That being said, I have had the great fortune of knowing a wonderful person with connections… I have a job interview with the COO of a big medical facility here in the valley. I meet with her next Wednesday. It’s a job that has normal hours. It’s a desk job with not near the level of stress that I have worked in for the past 15 years. I will have to suck it up and make it work. We can no longer go without foot, gas, or any of those other basic life necessities.

-And maybe, just maybe, we might even be able to go out and see a movie from time to time once I have a paycheck. What a novel idea that is. I’m a bit worried about wardrobe though. I don’t have any business clothes at all. I’ve been wearing uniforms for 20 years… aw hell. I guess on my Christmas list I will only put gift cards for Target, Ross, Kohl’s and the like.

-I spent some time in the frozen foods section of the Walmarts tonight… I am hating the holiday season right now. You see, my favorite things ever are available at this time of the year. They are so very special, my favorite things… I’m talking about pumpkin pie and eggnog. I miss them so. But the sugar content is unreal in both of these things. Coach suggested I ask in the bakery department where I might find some sugar free goodies. While I stood at the counter in the bakery waiting for the baker woman (do they really bake) to come near me, I glanced at the things in the glass front cabinet… big mistake! Big, big mistake…. right there, on the very top shelf, right under my nose lined up in a pretty little row pumpkin roll, red velvet/cheesecake roll, eggnog roll. Bastards!

-So I then headed the itty bitty little rack of “no sugar added” baked goods. There were some apple pies that looked like hell. I think they were left over from last winter. And that was it. Nothing else. So we continued down the way to pick up some water… we passed the holiday baking display and I picked up a can of pumpkin pie filling… that wonderful Libby’s stuff. I can eat that stuff with a spoon right from the can… but it has too much sugar. I’m just screwed.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Good for you Sherri. I understand where you come from where you need a job, an income , but pain wise you wonder if you can endure it. There’s times when my pain. Killer won’t do it , I need a heated bed and pray the hours between now and cbedtime go quickly. You’ve faced it. I don’t think I can do it.

  2. Did he escape with the double or nothing challenge? Though I have to say, without knowing Coach, he would be my hands down choice over a boys sweaty t-shirt.

    Good luck with the job.

    And I am with you about the obscenity of the latest school murders. Aaaargh.

  3. As always your on my heart! Hugs and light your way!!! Xoxo

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