Nov 082012

-Football winds down this weekend. Tonight the JV played their last game. Tomorrow it will be the varsity’s turn. This has been a tough season but an incredible one as well. Watching as the coaches and players build a program that will be the foundation of a great team has been a cool thing for me. They are growing into a team, they are getting stronger, they will be tough. I look forward to next season!

-Coach starts baseball duty next week. He’s coaching the boys’ freshman baseball team. It’s been a while for him. I asked him if he was looking forward to going back to baseball and he didn’t have a good answer for me. He loved playing baseball but he loves coaching football. I’m sure he’ll do a fantastic job and will enjoy himself.

-I finally get to see my new neurologist tomorrow morning. It took two months to get this appointment. I’m a bit anxious but have faith that it will go well. Dr. Cain (my most fabulous neuro in Austin) referred me to the new neuro here in the Valley. He said he is the best… last year this new doc was the president of the Texas Neurological Society… I suppose that says something about him. Dr. Cain said he doesn’t know what the guy’s bedside manner is but what’s more important is that he’s good at what he does. I’ll just have to use my wit & charm to win him over ha!

-I’ve been watching X-Factor this year. Man, there is some incredible talent on that show! Holy Cow! That Kardashian chick sure wears some revealing outfits… slits down to there and up to there… she’s all nipple and ass… wow. The first show it was so bad that Simon made a comment to her about the air conditioning… oh my. There’s even an article about her nipples making a debut on X-Factor haha… desperate for attention? And Simon has no business talking about anyone’s nipples showing…

-I’m reading a really good book right now… good for me I mean. Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner. If you are at all into the Zen, Buddhist type thing then this book is a great one. Good thoughts on truth, reality, and all that good stuff.

-I’m working on some tattoo designs. I like doing those. This particular request is a set of doves with a name on each one. There is another referral for some flash that should be coming my way in a few days. Speaking of tattoo design, I have been wanting to design something for myself but have been taking my time because I want to come up with exactly the right design. I want it to be a survivor/warrior thing but feminine at the same time… and of course it will have something to do with MS.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Nipples and Zen”

  1. Hope the neuro visit goes/went well. Nipple zen – the zen of nipples – nipples and zen – I keep hearing kibbles and bits in my head – only now it is nipples and zen – oh thank you so much my friend LOL

  2. Your titles alone make me laugh! I love baseball, so I’ll be eager to hear all about Coach’s team. Good luck with the neuro — I still have to find a new one. I’m not into ‘skin art,’ but if you get a tat, be sure to show us!

  3. Good luck with your new neurologist. Let us know how you get on. If he has any sense he will realise quickly what a star you are.

  4. lol…funny post…good luck with the bedside manner and your doc—perhaps you should show some t and a when you go!!!
    I wish you lived closer–I’d sure go to wally world with you—and I hate the wally world!!! You crack me up!!!

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