Dec 172011

it’s been a rough few days… not feeling up to par and not sure why… not sick or anything… the beast is acting up a bit. i don’t know if it’s a change in the weather or what it is. lots of cramping… my body is one giant charlie horse… ouch! and this new pain.. .right down the spine… sharp stingy type pain…slug, that’s me… or how i’m feeling right now… and the headaches are back once again… bleh. i’m still functioning. going to work. doing the routine. but man, i’m t.i.r.e.d.  and the beloved restless feeling is back once again… that feeling like the muscles have that burning, gotta move but to tired to move feeling… but it’s not the sort of tired that requires i lay down to sleep for days. it’s different than that… hard to explain…  you folks out there with MS understand i’m sure… and i go for my 4 month check at the neuro’s office Jan 6… one day before the big event

 not complaining around here… just noting, documenting, recording for prosperity how i’m feeling right now… thanks for tolerating this crap ha!

i’m still pretty much walking around on cloud 9 these days… imagine that ha! everything is planned… got the judge, the venue, the food, the singer (she’s Ashley’s little sister..but she’s not so little ha! all grown up Jericka… and a pretty voice…)  and the song(but this is the song coach wants) invitations have been sent out… now i just have to figure out what the hell i’m going to wear… that’s the hardest part for me… i’m not dainty by any stretch, and i’m not feminine much either… i don’t like pink, ruffles, lace, and all that other girlie stuff… i’m more hippie, bohemian, renaissance style… i’ve got lots of ideas but haven’t really been able to put anything together yet… and i have, what, 3 weeks to decide? eek!

we’ve been having rain which is great… well, except for the continued leaks… poor coach, bless his heart. he’s done so much work on the tin can trying to get it fixed and just when we think he’s got it… rain! leaks! and frustration…

i’ve been working with color lately… blending and such. i use Gimp… love it…still learning how to use it well but it’s been fun! one of the coolest things about Gimp, besides it being free, is that you can edit photos, do illustration, and all the goodies that illustrator or photoshop do. and did i mention that it’s FREE?

i’ve been paying attention to colors and how they blend… the contrast or the shadows… taking pictures of things to help me learn or to remind me…


who the hell can afford a honeymoon moneymoon these days? so what i did was enter in a sweepstakes… for this….   all inclusive – roundtrip airfare for 2, room for 2 nights, show tickets…. man, if i could win i would be a happy happy girl… i’ve never seen any of the cirque de soleil shows… they look soooo fascinating!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Changes in temperatures, and big swings in temperatures knock me around. So the change of seasons is usually tough and sometimes (when I am particularly fragile) just walking into a shopping mall will do it. I hope your MSness settles soon. On the other side of the world mine is playing similar games with me.
    And Cirque de Soleil is BRILLIANT. I have now seen two and they were amazing.

    • oh how i hope it settles soon too! and i hope that your’s settles too… ugh… i guess it just sort of goes with the territory but man, it sucks

      you’ve seen TWO Cirque de Soleil’s?? oh so lucky!

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