May 282012

#000000;">So today we came out to visit our new home…get a feel for what we keep and what we can toss as i start packing….


la cuisine


le salon


#000000;">Those two couches pull out to beds! And they also have an ottoman that has storage space.. slides right up under the couch

#000000;">All in all this thing is way cool…

#000000;">oh! The tv is wired to the entertainment control center!


la musique & des films




papa offre on the canapé

#000000;">He even has head room…

#000000;">there are wardrobes on each side of the bed

#000000;">Bedroom Closet

Ze Closet

#000000;">And a decent sized closet for all of coach’s clothes…he has more clothes than any woman i have ever known!

#000000;">Le Potty

Le Potty

#000000;">From the bedroom you can enter the bathroom….which is really great for me lol

#000000;">So there you have it! Mary B … pretty cool eh?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “New home”

  1. Love it. I know you are excited about moving in, just as you dread the move. There were several times we would be on a trip in our RV and had to visit near by RV dealers. Traded right then. Pulled ours up next to the new one and made numerous trips carrying armloads of stuff from on to the other. Just happened we had friends with us and we all pitched in. Got it done, but not the easiest way to do it. ;))

    • somehow it seemed like it might be easier to pull along side the new one and just move boxes from one straight to the other… better than unloading and stacking in the “yard”, then bring new trailer and hauling them all back inside… ugh… either way, so much work!! in the heat… bleh

  2. Sherri, Looks great and bigger than my first apartment! Enjoy your happy dance:) Have a wonderful week.

  3. Where is the eating area? I suppose that will double as your art-making area as well? Yes that was a statement/question combo – appropriate for your new digs.

    • in the picture of le salon, in the front left corner just this side of the couch you can see the corner of the booth… the dining table is similar to a restaurant booth….

      i will use it as my computer/art area… there is lots of storage under the booths that will work nicely. i keep most of my supplies, camera stuff, and computer stuff in tool boxes… they will slide right in those storage areas….

  4. Very nice! I could live in that cozy place!

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