Mar 152010

so my man has been working very hard this weekend. he is installing a new floor in our little “house”. we bought our trailer used….it had this awfully dirty beige low pile carpet in it. i thought i would be able to get it clean. wrong. it was horrible. and we have a dog inside. so we decided that a tile floor would be much better…easier to maintain….and maybe we could keep the dust, hair, and overall dirt problem under control more easily. he pulled out the carpet yesterday (my goodness there was a butt-load of dirt under there!) and laid down some boards to make the surface level…..

Bathroom floor

Bathroom floor in progress

Putting in a new floor

Hallway floor gettin done

the dog, beulah, wanted in on the action…she likes to “help” by keeping us company in all endeavors…
Beulah helping out

Beulah helping out

Beulah again

Beulah again

by the end of this evening, he has gotten a few tiles laid and it looks really nice! oh so much better than that horrid, dirty, make-my-allergies-horrible carpet….
the new floor

the new floor

another of the new floor

another shot of the new floor

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