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Before digging in I need to let you know that I am having a few keyboard issues…. I have a number of keys not working that can be critical: question mark, arrows, a few of the numbers, and the letter that comes after “y” when singing the alphabet.

Here I am, raising my head up outta the sand.

That sounds much worse than things have actually been over the past several months. There’s been highs and lows… I’m happy to report more highs though! The best way I can think to kick things off again is to just start with September since that’s the last time I wrote here. (ugh, I’m a slacker)



It took a bit of time but I gradually got better and better after that horrific bout with TN. Coach & I had to travel that month for a family funeral. Not the best of reasons to travel. The nice thing about funerals – yes there are nice things about them – is that we were able to visit with family we hadn’t seen in quite a while.

Before heading back to south Texas, we stopped by to see the kiddo and her family. And boy am I glad we did! They made a huge life-changing decisions during that visit…. they decided to move down here close to us! More on that shortly.


During our trip I received a message from some of the big cheeses at work… they asked me to submit a best practice presentation for the TCAA conference. I agreed and then it dawned on me the date was a few short weeks away! Eek!

Got it done… presented in San Antonio on my 50th birthday. Yes, I turned 50. My daughter drove over to the conference and spent a few days with me. Wehad a birthday dinner on the riverwalk. It was nice 🙂 The mariachi band sang happy birthday to me LOL

My submission didn’t win any neat awards but just the fact that it was chosen to be presented at a national conference is award enough for me.

While at the conference, I was also asked if I would join the association’s disaster preparedness committee… um, yes I would be more than happy to do that (duh!)



IMG_2430The first few weeks of October were spent house hunting for the kids… a family of 5 with a great dane is hard to shop for ha! But I found one! A cute older 2-story home in a nice neighborhood. They moved down her on the 14th and it was an incredible day! They were very nervous about the move. It’s a big thing to leave the only place you’ve known as home and move 8 hours away.

And they did it! And I’m so happy AddEmoticons0427


10394792_10203047533174236_7689139803428323445_nAnd now… let’s talk about some football! Those incredible RVHS SABERCATS! Man what a season it was!!! Remember that this is a 3rd year program. These kids started playing on the varsity team as freshmen and sophomores. In season 3, they lost only ONE game and went 2 rounds deep in the state playoffs! That is pretty much unheard of. I can’t describe how proud I was to witness the achievement. The coaches, players, and staff did an incredible job building this program. The anticipation of next season is killing us all LOL

If anyone is interested, you can get a run down of the season here


And below are a few highlights from the thousands of images I captured.




Busy month… adjusting to new things with the kids here. Spending time with them after work and on the weekends. Coach & I have always been pretty set in our little routine so it’s all been sorta chaotic – in a very good way of course.

For Thanksgiving, my father and stepmom came down. It was nice to have them here. We had dinner at the kids’ house:

And for Black Friday there were no stores or stampedes for this crew! Oh hell no! We chose to hit the beach instead:

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I’m a slacking blogger, too. In fact, I’ve barely even been reading any. Life does take its twists and turns, doesn’t it?

    My laptop is having major problems. That was one of the things that made me cut back on writing to begin with. Then it just became less of a habit. I miss it. I have to borrow my daughter’s laptop when I write now. The frustration of fighting a computer that only sometimes works is just too much. I’m a rapid writer, so if my computer can’t keep up I lose my train of thought. Seriously annoying.

    All that was a long way to say I feel your pain. I’m glad you were able to write some. And I wish us both luck as we try to get going again.

  2. I’m glad to see you back. I worried more than once.
    New format will take some time for me to get used to, apparently. Had a hard time finding the comment box. 🙂
    Glad things are going so well!!!

  3. It’s great to see you here and writing again, although I wish there had been more letter Z.

    Still, turning 50 and having your daughter’s family move closer to you are pretty significant, huh?

    Hope things keep looking up, and I’d love to hear more about everything – with or without the letter Z.

  4. Thanks! It feels good to be back 🙂 Life took over and sort of did a number on my mojo….such is life. I suppose it happens to most all of us from time to time.

    I didn’t think I’d missed my little cave here but I was very, very wrong LOL

  5. Welcome back.
    I am very, very pleased there has been more good (and some of it amazing) than bad in your life.

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