Jan 132011

>this blog has been a wonderful outlet for me…. i never thought that anyone would read it and i am continually amazed at the reaches of the internet…. and the places that my readers come from!

many of you in the blogosphere are familiar with various statcounter type programs…. when i first installed it on my blog, i thought it would be fun just to see how many “hits” my blog was getting… the more i looked into the stat reports, the more fun it got… i can see towns, cities, countries… ip addresses and even who the internet providers are for my visitors…. i don’t always know who the information belongs too….some of them i can guess….and sometimes i can match up an ip address, city, and comment to try and figure it out…

 and i can see even what pages were visited… what posts were read… what search engines were used to find my blog…keywords or phrases… those are really funny! amazing what leads to my blog….

for instance – i know when mom’s been reading, or dad… i know when coach has been reading…

then there are some interesting ones…. state offices…. lawyers offices…. school districts….

readers from all over the state of texas, the united states, many from canada! and russia, italy, vietnam….

amazes me! i would’ve never thought it possible…

anywho… i truly enjoy the comments and have made some very good friends here! you have all helped me save my sanity, or keep it… thank you!!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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