Jan 122013

It’s been a good day today. Even considering that I’m operating on less than 5 hours of sleep. I managed to fall asleep around 3 this morning only to be in demand by the Queen at 5. She is relentless too. There is no shoving her away and being done with her. She is the most persistent creature ever. After about 2 hours of quality time with her, I snuck back to bed. I slept until she came back… that dog sure misses me when I sleep. The second awakening was around 9:30 or so. Add that all up and it totals about 4.5 hours total. This is pretty normal around here. I don’t know what it is but that damn dog loves her momma. (I wish she would love her papa as much in the morning hours ha)

Coach started wandering around the tin can early this afternoon… that’s dangerous. He starts looking for projects. Since this tin can is new, there are no projects… and when there are no projects, he may or may not create a project. Danger! I promptly suggested that he go play with the pony. After a second of hesitation while considering what would be involved in doing that (changing his clothes/shoes), he decided that he would go to the ranch. He was gone a few hours.

While he was away, Sancho came over for a bit (kidding! sheesh) I started working on Ms. Ghia. I washed the first layer of muckity neglect off her curves. She is already starting to look better. Aside from the usual dinks an old girl will have, she’s looking pretty good. There’s some rust, a few scratches, a few dinks… but nothing too bad at all. And her pretty blue color is starting to come through. I will have to bathe her a few more times to get all the neglect off… it was thick, sticky, black nastiness caked all over her body.

I managed to scrub with a sponge and plain water for about 45 minutes… of course, it was in 5-10 minute bursts based on the hand cramping, but I managed better than I thought I would. Only one incident… I sliced my thumb on what used to be the antenna… yuck. Neosporin and a few Band-Aids later it will be fine. As I mentioned previously, that scrubbing got the first layer of grime off, which was the thickest black layer… the next layer is more of a yellowish dinge color that I’m going to tackle with some soapy water. My plan was to do that tomorrow but this crazy Texas weather is going to prevent that. Another blast of cold air is coming to the depths of Texas. Our projected high is in the low 50’s last I checked. Much too cold to be out splashing around with the garden hose. I think I’ll stay inside drinking hot coffee bundled up in my favorite sweatshirt and big socks.

In other news….

Olivia over at Chronic Healing asked if I would do a blog header design for her. And I did! I think it turned out nice and Olivia is pleased. All’s well that ends well, eh? What I know of Olivia through her blog, Pinterest, Etsy, and Facebook – she is a very feminine and lacy creature… she likes swirls, vintage, lace, and the subtle feminine shades of yesteryear (pinks, blues, teals). Olivia writes of MS and chronic pain without a diagnosis, which lends a whole other flavor to chronic illness. She’s a pretty cool chick… and not just because she likes my artwork and features it often on her site J
(thanks Olivia!)

That’s all for tonight… the hands are beaten down and raging against me right now… but before I go let me just say that if I had the boots pictured below, I would totally have my cool girl status back!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “My Saturday”

  1. Lovely header! Those boots are fantastic — I love boots with buckles.

  2. Awesome header you designed for Olivia. Congratulations.

  3. These boots are made for walking, and that just what I’ll do…

  4. what’s her Etsy link? I’d like to see her artwork. I tried to see it on her blog but was unable to find it.

  5. Love the line on her header that says: The only thing stronger than fear is hope.

  6. Well at least he was gone before I got back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!SSSSWWWWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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