Nov 042010

well we had the LONG appointment today with the neurologist.. he’s a fun man (i’m not just saying that, he really is). and we’ve decided on a treatment plan to start with

  • daily injections of Copaxone
  • 50,000 units of Vitamin D a week
  • Adderall twice a day
  • and Darvocet to sleep

craziness! so let’s see… i’m going to lose some weight, sleep good, and hopefully slow the formation of new lesions… whew!

i also got my new glasses today.. you see my vision has taken a dump too… bifocals… they aren’t so bad – i just have to get used them…

all in all a decent day. still trying to wrap my mind around this MS junk…. going to apply for my handicap license plates tomorrow – there’s that perk! i knew it was there somewhere… actually 2 perks – good parking and weight loss!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  18 Responses to “my new treatment plan”

  1. So is the adderall helping my Dr wants me to try it for fatique but Im kind of scared about that one?

    • oh yes! it helps so much! before the Adderall, I was sooooo tired… it was hard to go to work and when i made it home i was asleep before 6PM… awful!

      i can take up to 40 mg a day… each pill is 20 mg. it took me a few weeks to figure out a good pattern that works with my lifestyle…. if i took too much it was yucko…not enough and i was zonked….

      finally what i found was this…. i take 20 mg in the morning before 9… then i take 1/2 pill (10mg) between 3 & 4 PM…. that gets me until bedtime. if we have football or soccer or something i take another 10 mg around 7PM and that keeps me going until about midnite….

      one day i took my morning pill and another whole pill around 5PM because we had a game that evening…. didn’t work out so well… i crashed in the middle of the game after being too revved up… i find that splitting the afternoon dose works much better….

  2. >driving was fabulous! i could read street signs, my speedometer, the radio display… so crystal clear! ha!

  3. Yay for being able to see, losing weight and good parking!
    (love your comment about seeing your own face again-made me smile)

    • i’m working really hard to find all the perks in this mess that the universe has thrown at me… i’m having my MS throw-down cards printed up πŸ˜‰ i should have them any day ha!

  4. Love your blog! =)

  5. Fabulous attitude, Sherri!!! I like to see the bright in everything too…yay, you!

    • it’s so important to find the bright…. keeps me sane… and stops the depression from starting up ha!

  6. Thanks so much Rob…. it’s fun… i love my blog πŸ˜‰

  7. You just have the greatest attitude!

  8. go girl!

  9. Just read up on Adderall. I didn’t know it was used to treat MS. Sounds like it should help you by reading the reviews of other patients with MS. I’m so glad you have found a nice Neuro.

    • The Adderrall is to help with the extreme fatigue… I’ve been researching a great deal and talking with other MSer’s about all of it. I love my neuro… that’s a goodl thing since we’ll be spending a great deal of time together ha!

  10. Here’s hoping the new plan works well.
    I wear trifocals, I think they call them progressive lenses…I can see everything, way too good, like the wrinkles on my face πŸ™

    • they wanted me to have progressive lenses…but the glasses are small and there wasn’t enough room ha! my eyes are so small and set so close together – I generally end up with youth frames…. as for looking at my face? ugh! at least I could see all the whiskers that needed plucking

  11. I see you’re looking on the bright side of things πŸ™‚
    I do like my bifocals…took a few to get use to but it’s good now.
    You’ll be able to enjoy ‘seeing’ how your new camera works!

    • driving was fabulous! i could read street signs, my speedometer, the radio display… so crystal clear! ha!

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