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I think at this point in my story (yes, I’m going back to my story) it would be a good time to give a synopsis of my life in California. There are just so many little stories about things that happened that I can’t think of them all or organize them in a way that is congruent. By creating this synopsis, I can highlight and mention them and then go back to detail the worthy ones in a more detailed post… sound like a good idea? Ha well it does to me! So here goes, in no particular order, Sherri’s life in Cali:

  • When Mary and I arrived in Cali, M thought she should get a job for the two weeks she was going to be staying… gotta pull your own weight. Whatever.
  • When it was time for Mary to leave, she had no luggage. We took her to the airport with her clothes in hefty sacks. They made her check them.
  • M was a drummer – and a very good one I might add. He was studying to be a studio musician.
  • I met many famous people while with M. Cool stuff!
  • I worked for a PI for a while. We worked on the OJ case…interesting and scary.
  • I found a suspicious paper bag in the backseat of my car – quit working for the PI for my own health.
  • Loved hanging out at BB Kings…
  • Bought a non-working bike, rebuilt it and spent much time on PCH riding with good friends.
  • We used to ride weekends up to the northern parts of Cali. Beautiful. Love Carmel and Monterey.
  • And Sausalito too.
  • Hooked up with a guy who called himself Hondo. Mistake. Big mistake.
  • Met some monks who helped me find my sanity and my center. Kept me alive.
  • Met #2.
  • Survived the Rodney King riots.
  • Black panthers did my laundry for me
  • Survived the Northridge earthquake…. had some friends who did not.
  • Wrote the technical manual for the video walls in Sony and Disney stores. Great experience.
  • Learned how to build a computer from scratch.
  • Tested some really neat software – PC gaming stuff, operating systems, and other really cool programs.
  • Hung out with some unbelievable musicians… idols, rock gods
  • Loved driving through the canyons and along the beaches.
  • Rode the train from San Diego to San Francisco just to see how long it would take.
  • Not Amtrak but the mass transit systems in each city….had to use some buses too.
  • Had a photo studio and darkroom in my home. Did hundreds of headshots and some inserts for CD’s , album art…

There are many, many other things but I just can’t think of them now. I lived enough in my time out there to have a complete life. I was only there for 8 years but it seems like it was a lifetime. I made wonderful friends, met people who can’t possibly be real, and had some incredible/unbelievable experiences….I wouldn’t trade any of it for any thing.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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