Jun 062011

new site = new feed

if you are signed up on messy mind through feedburner and you get this post, you may have to change your feed soon… and if you didn’t get this post… well when you figure out the feed is no longer good, i hope you will visit sherristakes.com and pick up the new feed

hopefully the rss feeds will be working soon… for now they are not… and as long as i keep my fingers out of the pot and quit screwing with things, it will go much better for my guru ha!

i will continue posting…. you’ll just have to come find me manually until all the feeds are up… and for those using google friend connect…. ugh… i’m not sure if that will work on this new site or not… you may have to add me to your rss reader or email when that gets going

sorry for the inconvenience!!

hope you all come back soon!



  •  June 6, 2011
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