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I found out last night that I may have been causing all kinds of havoc around the valley since we’ve been here without even knowing it! Just simply by walking through the stores or eating out somewhere…. realistically, any place I’ve ventured out to when walking out my front door. I feel awful & pray that I haven’t inadvertently offended anyone.

Mal de Ojo – this is something I’ve never heard of before but something that I may or may not have been doing. It is the evil eye

… and it’s not done through some malicious act… it comes from good… I learned that if you look at a child and think or say the child is beautiful, you must also touch the child. By only thinking or saying it, without touching, I could be making the child very ill. Or at least causing alarm in the parents of the child. I didn’t know this!

I have got to find a book that includes things like this so that I can learn more about the culture. I’m sure that there are many things I have said/done that could be offensive without even knowing it.

Last night we spent the evening at the head coach’s house. He & his wife invited us all over for an evening together. It was very nice. They had more food than any wedding I’ve been too! BBQ chicken, beef, ribs, sausage…. beans, potatoes, slaw, and etc. Pies everywhere, hor d’oeuvres (I can never spell that word & have to look it up each time & usuallyI just end up calling them horsey dervies). Wine, beer, tequila, margaritas…. anything a person could want they had. Most all the coaches & wives were there. It was nice to spend time with them getting to know more about all of them. It is disheartening though to learn that many of the coaches graduated HIGH SCHOOL not that long ago. Holy shit I’m getting old. Some of them are younger than my daughter…. crap.

It is VERY early Sunday morning right now. Why am I up? Pft, the Queen has demanded it of me. She was ready for her snack sticks. Coach is in there snoring his ass off while I sip my coffee and grumble a bit at the dog. Later this morning we are going to have breakfast at Luby’s, after which Coach will be reporting to work & I will surely be returning to bed. Ha!

And now, I will share a photo with you from the archives… I took this picture at Brayton Fire Field in College Station, TX. This is the location of the TEEX Fire programs… it is an incredible place! In the summer during firefighter summer school, they have what is called Public Burn Night. They light all the props on fire and the fire students put it out. It’s beautiful! I am honored to have had many friends who are instructors, managers, & firefighters.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I’ll have to blog soon about how I put my foot in my mouth on Saturday with a nice woman from the Hispanic community. Stupidity happens to us all and I mean to tell you what I said was just stupid!!!! Actually, let me go ahead and write this journal entry. LOL

  2. Hi Sherri. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Evil eye. Yikes. We never seem to know the effect we are having on other people even though we are going out of our way to be conscious of being polite, etc. Somehow we always seem to offend and get talked about. It would never occur to me to touch someone’s child given today’s atmosphere. Love your EDM’s. I’ve started doing them on the iPad – haven’t posted them yet. I don’t know how far I’ll get or even if I’ll get any farther.

  3. So how did you come to find out that you were giving the mal de ojo all about town? It says a lot about you that you are going to educate yourself about the nuances of the culture you find yourself in. Many would not do that. Your gathering with the other coaches’ families sounds like it was wonderful.

  4. I believe that the ancient Chinese had similar beliefs and you had to talk about your child as ugly and worthless so as not to incite the ire of the gods (who alone could be considered beautiful). I think I have that right.
    Brilliant (in both senses of the word) shot of the firefighters. Thanks.

  5. The Evil Eye, huh? I have to admit that I, too, have never heard that before! Glad you got to meet all the coaches, even if they are so young!

    • It was very nice to meet everyone… it really helps knowing the other wives/family members when the coaches are all so busy working…

      i’m going to hit up the library for some books on the culture and cultural diversity so i can learn more. i think it might come in handy LOL

  6. I find culture so interesting, ‘round here a parent might just freak if you TOUCHED their child!

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