Oct 042012

I think I must be possessed or something. Maybe aliens are taking me, or visiting me. I don’t know. Let me start by saying I have very short fingernails. Our mattress has no springs. I have not been itching or scratching. This morning when I woke up at 5 this morning, everything was “normal”.

Not anymore. The weirdest thing. I have been sitting at my computer editing pictures. I haven’t been rolling around in a thistle patch, working in the yard, rough-housing with the queen. In fact, I haven’t left my seat here at the table except to pee and make a bagel in the past few hours.

A few minutes ago, on a pee break, I noticed this:

All over my belly. This is just a sample of what is there. I don’t understand where these scratches came from. They are raised and somewhat raw. They don’t burn or anything like a cat scratch would. Besides, we don’t have a cat. I haven’t been rubbing or scratching my belly. And I certainly didn’t make an “X” on my belly.

Did you know it’s hard to take a picture of your own belly? Holding the boobage up out of the way because I’m sure that’s not something you all wanted to see. Okay, well maybe some of you but your just shit out of luck there. My skin is pretty white & splotchy. That started with the MS. It’s not very attractive!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my demon possession with you all. I’m going to go say the rosary and splash myself with the holy water I got from the holy water fountain at the Basilica in July.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  13 Responses to “My Demon Possession”

  1. I’ve had the exact same scratches as you a few months ago, the position of the lines crossing are exactly the same, did you ever get to the bottom of it?

  2. We could for quite a while play noughts and crosses on my leg. Just draw a finger down – and a red line would appear. Not particularly hard – just a steady pressure. The markings lasted quite a while too. Another fun manifestation brought to you by yours sponsor – MS -just perfect for those days when there isn’t a pen in the house…

  3. Holy crapola. Just when I thought I understood this disease, this happens to you. I’ve had MS since my early 20s and never heard of this before. I hope you find a solution soon!

  4. Ok I just had to share there is actually a flickr group for those with what Karen mentioned – ha now I dont have to type it correctly- where they create art seriously here is the link Here hope the link code works

    I like the alien and possessed theories the best though . …

  5. Could be dermatographic urticaria (google it). Can be linked to autoimmune diseases or alleries.Try some antihistamines.

    • I was actually just reading about that to see if it might be connected somehow to MS. I hadn’t found anything yet when I received your comment. I’m going to keep reading. I’ve already taken some antihistamine (about 30 minutes ago) to see if that helps. It’s just so odd. The patterns… the x & the upside down y shape… There are so many stinkin off-the-wall things that happen with this dang beast!!

  6. Yikes! That’s scary. Did you notice if your head can spin 360° ? Are you spewing pea soup? May need the exorcist! Sorry, my humor is sick! Hope you find out what it is soon!

  7. You said “boobage”. I chuckled like Beavis and Butthead do. Not at you, just what you said. And the Holy Water, that’s funny stuff gal.

  8. And three more just appeared on my side. I felt a burning sensation, went to the mirror and one of them actually appeared as I was watching… this is so flippin strange!

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