Jan 052014

Our first weekend home since the holidays… boy, it’s been nice. We really didn’t do much at all. As I sit here typing this, I’m trying to remember what we did do. Saturday we ran a few errands and did the gun range thing. Once we got home, we lounged about until it was dinner time. Dinner was good! We bought a couple of those rotisserie chickens that can be found at Wal Mart or H.E.B. Lemon Pepper flavor .We shredded up the chicken and made chicken wraps. Yum!

Sunday… today… Lounging and napping again until early afternoon. A few errands and out to feed the horse. That’s it. Dinner tonight was pork roast stew stuff. I put it in the crockpot early this morning. It smelled really good all day long in here. The port fell off the bones! I put some rice in there and cooked some biscuits. Tasty.

So that was the weekend. Exciting stuff, eh? Ha!

I don’t have much at all today. My brain is tired and pretty foggy. No Adderall today. I do that from time to time. I have this fear of becoming a drug addicted trashy dope fiend who ends up doctor shopping to get my fix. Realistically I know that won’t happen but I still have that fear. I take breaks from the meds every few weekends when I don’t have to work or think. It’s interesting because I can actually feel how differently my brain works with & without the medication.

I learned today that my super-duper fantastic neurologist back home has stopped seeing MS patients. He is reducing his practice because it’s time for him to enjoy life and travel. He certainly deserves it. But it made me a bit sad because is such a good doctor and there are so many neurologists who are not good at handling MS patients.

Okay, I’m thinking (or trying to) that it’s time to wind this day down. My brain really is mush now.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “Mushy Brain”

  1. I love it when I’ve got something yummy in the crock pot all day. It’s a wonderful smells day.

    Sorry about the mushy brain. I’ve been fighting thinking problems a lot more lately. It’s high on the list of things to discuss with my doctor when I have my physical in a couple of months. New doctor. Maybe some new answers. I can hope, right?

  2. So far as I can tell, everyone needs some downtime after the holidays.

    Hope your 2014 is fantastic!

  3. Look after your mushy brain. Rest up.

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