Oct 162011

On October 29, I will join the movement and participate in the 2011 Walk MS: Austin. (Lord help me!) This walk is at the Dell Diamond Stadium in Round Rock… it starts at 9AM and ends at 1PM.. not a long commitment at all! AND! There will be lunch, live entertainment – other than the goofy antics of those like me – AND A HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST
 now I’m not saying I’m going to dress up as anything spectacular for Halloween because quite frankly, that requires much more energy… i can’t afford to use up my spoons before the walk even begins… but I can assure you this will be loads of fun… 

Walk MS is the rallying point of the MS movement, a community coming together to raise funds for multiple sclerosis and celebrate hope for the future. 

Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information between brain and body and stops people from moving thus providing all sorts of entertainment for those around us… 

With the help of people like you, the National MS Society addresses the challenges of each person whose life is affected by MS and helps them stay connected to the great big moving world. 

Join the movement with me and donate by visiting my team page  #ff0000; font-size: medium;"><– click right there… just do it… right now!

And even better – you can join my team and come walk with us – I may need all the bodies I can get to lean on when my legs fail me… oh and if you have a scooter, wheelchair, skateboard, or any other rolling device I could sit on, pack it up and bring it along!

If you would like to come walk with me, visit the registration page for the messy mind team #ff0000; font-size: medium;"><–click right there… again, do it.. right now!

and after you sign up to do this crazy thing, I suggest you start practicing the drunk chicken walk now… it may or may not be a requirement to walk on my team haha

I appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

P.S.  I promise I will not hound you with emails begging for money – that’s not how I roll… this is a one shot deal… I will have a link on my blog and on facebook so if you decide that you’d like to help but lose this email, you can always find the info there (or just call/email me and I will give you the info again)… and please by all means feel free to forward this beggar’s request on to anyone you know who might like to help out!

P.S.S  If you decide you can’t donate or walk with me, that’s okay… can’t blame a girl for asking

cool chicken dance.gif

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “ms walk austin 2011…. 13 more days to go”

  1. good luck! i wish i could do the walks here, but alas, that is not going to happen!

  2. Yay, I will be thinking of you and your team. You rock.

  3. I love love love that woman on top. Who is she? Who painted? She’s sooo cool with a F***k you attitude in a really nice way.
    p.s. You were right to take down the caption info from the header – it got in the way. Plain is better. So, like now, if I am enthralled, I’ll ask.

    • the woman on top… i love her! and this is only a portion of the whole… i thought the whole might be a bit inappropriate if i have any younger readers…

      the title is “Almaiisa” and she was painted by Amedeo Modigliani… i think he is one of my favorite painters… his work is mostly of women and they are all so beautiful… images of “real” women…


  4. Even though I can’t walk with you 🙁 I am rooting for you and your team – hell, I rooting for everyone. Will coach or someone take some video for you to post? That would be great. I don’t get the “spoons” thing? Help me out here. Is it a TX thing?

    • i will have a camera with me…. i don’t know if it will do video or not but i’ll do what i can 🙂 we are going to have fun… my daughter is coming with and bringing a friend along i think… and some of the women coach teaches with have joined the team too!

      ah the spoons… it’s a thing someone wrote a while back about spoons… great story… it has to do with fatigue… spoons equal energy…


      it really helped me in understanding my fatigue or lack thereof…and it helps me explain it to those around me who are having to help pick up my slack….

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