Sep 202011

ok, all you MSers out there….

has anyone ever taken Amantadine for fatigue… and if so, did it work? any undesirable side effects?

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  1. Hello Sherri. My neuro just gave me some samples of Nuvigil for fatigue. Even he takes it and he doesn’t live with MS! I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know how it goes. Have you heard of it/tried it? Hope you’re well. Best, Christie

  2. Am I too late to jump in here? I tried Amantadine for awhile, some years ago. The only side effect I noticed was that I had really vivid dreams! Not nightmares – they weren’t bad dreams, necessarily. Just really colorful and weird. Very weird. Kind of entertaining, but it didn’t seem to do anything for the fatigue, so I quit taking it.

    Provigil worked very well for a long time, but the insurance company decided not to cover it because it was too expensive. They suggested Adderall, which I thought was the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. I was sure it would never work, but I tried it just so I could say I Told You so. Of course, it works great. I take five mg in the morning, and five at noon. I could take up to 30 mg/day, but I figure I’m as awake as I need to be!

    • it is NEVER too late to jump in!

      i haven’t taken anything for fatigue except Adderall and i love it… ok, overstatement.. i wish more than anything that i didn’t need it… but i do and it works really well for me too… i’m glad they have this sort of junk out there for us

  3. Is the Adderall working well for fatigue? What side effects does it bring to the table?


    • the Adderall works very well for me… i can take up to 50 mg a day if needed but i don’t take near that much. the pills are scored in 10 mg doses… i generally take it only on days i work or travel… i take 10 mg around 10AM and most days that’s enough… i’m tired when i get home but that small dose gets me through the day… other days, if it’s really busy at work or i’m going to be travelling or up late for some reason, i will take another 10 mg around 1PM…

      if i don’t take any on days off i sleep a lot… i get up around 7 and take a 3 hour nap around 10AM… then i take another 3 hour nap around 4 or 5 in the afternoon… total waste of a good day in my books LOL

      right now i have a terrible cold and bronchitis so i am taking 20 mg around 10AM and that keeps me awake… you know, with the cold the fatigue is so much worse!

      as for side effects… if i take more than 20 mg in a day, i tend to grind my teeth and work my facial muscles a lot…this triggers my TN… so i do everything i can to not take more than the 20 mg in a single day….

      if i take it too late in the day, i might have difficulty staying asleep at night.. i fall asleep just fine but i wake up frequently through out the night….

      i don’t have any of the other side effects such has fast heart rate or increased blood pressure… i do notice that i get A LOT MORE DETAIL ORIENTED! hahaha sort of a tunnel vision effect… the Adderall helps with concentration and focus, which is what it’s intended for with ADD and ADHD…

      my biggest concern is addiction… so far so good though. i don’t take it on my days off so i give my body a break… and there are even times that i don’t need it if i have taken 20 mg the day before…

      i just use it in moderation and as needed i guess… and it’s working very well for me…

  4. Thanks so much you guys for the input…. I’m not going to be taking this as I take Adderall for fatigue…. However, I have a friend who asked her neuro about fatigue and this is what was prescribed…. she was concerned about some of the side effects and the usefulness of the drug… you guys were a tremendous help!

  5. Echoing Karen. I haven’t taken it, but wish you luck. Fatigue and pain are the big MS issues for me. Let us know how you go.

  6. I took it a long time ago. I don’t think it did anything for me. I don’t remember any side effects.

  7. I was prescribed Amantadine for fatigue, but it didn’t do much for me there. I kept taking it through the late Fall/Winter because of its antiviral properties ( but I guess most flues are resistant to it now). Anyway, I never have had the flu, so I can’t speak to that. I haven’t taken it in years, and I don’t recall any side effects – but I rarely have any issues with my meds. I’m lucky that way. These days when I’m in a sleepy fatigue cycle, I have been prescribed Ritalin 10 mg. in AM and at Noon. That helps with the fatigue – FOR ME. So glad you asked… LOL.

  8. I’ve never taken that. So I can’t really be of any help there. Just wanted to let you know I do always read your post. Hang in there my friend.

  9. I thought this was an antiviral medication…
    I have not taken it, but it has some pretty serious side effects. Might want to look those up before giving this one a go Sherri. I know it causes insomnia…maybe that’s why they prescribe it for fatigue…

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