Jan 062013

Some photos of the Ghia… I need to come up with a name for her…although Ms. Ghia sounds pretty good

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. more checking I think they were just tired of the load that the activation servers had on a 10 year old program?

  2. Cool photos! Cool car!!

  3. I thought there was quite a bit of artsy fartsy frontal nudity in your set!

  4. cool set! like the grain and the sepia like treatment – not quite the color but really makes the snaps artsy fartsy as I like to say 🙂

    • thanks! you know me… i love the artsy fartsy stuff haha i really love b&w with a hint of sepia or bluish tones…

      • If you wanna tip I got the 411 for you right now although the servers are overloaded you can get adobe Photoshop cs2 for free from adobe bra hahahh now that is cool no? so you just have to keep trying until it slows down . … first we get 3 months free flickr and now this!
        Dah Linky

        • No way! I’m going there right now!! I can’t believe they’re giving it away…. woot!

          • yeah just everyone is trying for it so the server is to busy right now but i am gonna try again tonight. My understanding is it won’t qualify for upgrading deals but hey cs is cs! I see lots of layers and artsy fartsty filters in your future.

            • oh yes! lots of artsy fartsy…. oh my! LOL i’ve been refreshing every few minutes in between sweeping, mopping, etc but so far site is unavailable. i wonder how long the freebie will be available… might be easier to do it in the middle of the night….maybe

              • that is what I am thinking when less folks are trying for it.

                • I’m in! downloading now…. not only do they have CS2 but they a slew of products with serial numbers listed….

                  • I am like 10mins out on getting the whole thing then I will try the install LOL we shall see
                    yes they do they are happy folks today

                  • I was reading the forums… Adobe screwed up. This wasn’t for the public, only for those who had previously purchased products… but because of they way the PR folks handled it, they can’t back out now. I’m surprised they haven’t taken the links down yet

                    • yes I read that but anyways someone in japan told me bout it so now we have it hahhah not sure it was a big f up but either way I have cs2 and all that stuff I get more laters not sure I want some of it have to read up on it

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