Jul 182012

I am sitting in the living/dining area with the window shades open… we don’t open our window shades because it’s just too dang hot but this afternoon here I am enjoying the view from the window…. wanna know why? oh sure you do!


Oh glorious RAIN!

I have not seen rain since we arrived here in the valley. Not one drop… okay, I take that back. I have seen about 67 drops in the past 6 weeks. Just enough to steam up as it hit the hot arse pavement. So this afternoon, for the first time in a long time, I’m sitting here in my little tin can watching Mother Nature do her thang… and it’s beautiful!

And the thunder! Oh my! Amazing!

As the storm was coming… you now those minutes when it’s thundering and you can smell the rain in the air… you can feel the build-up, in those minutes I was sitting outside on our little porch enjoying the feel of it all. And I noticed all the little ants – running, running, running. Not any different than usual.

Have you ever wondered where it is they are running to? I mean, they go down a long line then turn around and go back the way they came from. No stopping really. They just run. The same path… day in and day out. I found myself hoping they would feel the storm coming and go underground. With a storm this size they are surely all washed away if they didn’t find shelter.

Alas, one of the great mysteries of the universe – when the rain stops they will all be back out there running that same path… back & forth, back & forth.

Don’t you know that before I even finish writing this post, the rain has stopped. The wind has stopped. Mother Nature has satisfied her whims for now. The weather folks speak of more rain tonight and maybe tomorrow. I am not a believer though. They speak of rain frequently and have let me down. I have lost my faith in the weather folks.

This morning, while it was hot and the shades were drawn, I indulged in a movie. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you what movie ha! Let me just say it involved werewolves and vampires. I read all the books and thought they were well written. I found it hard to believe they were written for “young” readers though. And the female lead… well, I think she needs to find herself. She is so lost in the men of her world that she is a sap. I do, however, feel that most all women go through this stage at some point in their lives. We are all romantic fools and have these unrealistic notions about what love is.

I have digressed… my whole point in even mentioning the shameful activity this morning is to say that the movie was horrible. Yes. Horrible. The books were so much better. I have avoided watching the films because I knew in my heart they would suck. Isn’t it always like that? I read a book and in my mind I can see the characters, the towns, the homes…. then the film comes out… and it’s NEVER what I have imagined. And I walk away with a sense of huge let-down. Shame on me… I knew better.

I’m just about done with A Spot of Bother. This book has been very good. I am looking forward to reading the other book by the same author… something about a dog in the night… the title escapes me right now and I’m just lazy enough not to knock on Sister Google’s door. Forgive me.

Avoiding the real issues here is difficult at best. I do not want to harp on what is going on with the beast. I will not harp on it. Suffice it to say that the beast is have a great staycation right here in the vessel that I reside in. The beast has an all-inclusive package deal or something….. and he’s hanging around far too long.

The rain has stopped and the thunder has muted a bit… I believe I’m outta here… I am going to sit on the little porch and enjoy the clean smell of freshly washed earth…

Vaya Con Dios my friends



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

  2. We’re close to a storm right now, and we, too, need the rain. Parts of our lawn look like shredded wheat! I love that smell you describe! Hope the weather cools a bit for you.

    • oh the smell of rain… such a healing smell. we are maybe going to get another brief storm this afternoon… i’m waiting with great anticipation! it was sort of nice yesterday afternoon when the temp got down to a breezy and refreshing 89 degrees haha

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