Jun 092013

This morning’s update is wonderful. The Dopamine that was supporting his blood pressure has been discontinued. His blood pressure is good. He’s fighting the breathing tube. He’s taking breaths on his own, chomping on the tube, fighting it… all very good things! The plan is to get him off the ventilator today. Hopefully that can happen.

I slept hard last night. Now that Dad is back in ICU we were able to relax a tad knowing that he was receiving personalized, constant care.

Wednesday when they moved him to the floor, things went down rapidly. Much of it was due to the lack of care he was receiving. He had a good nurse here & there but mostly he didn’t. They didn’t check on him. They didn’t monitor what was going on. The staff didn’t see the signs of the impending crash. And the signs were there in big bold red letters.

But he’s climbing out of this. This WILL NOT happen to him a second time. Momma Jana is watching like a hawk… she knows what to look for. She knows how to use her voice to get what Dad needs and she will.

Coach & I continue with our plan to return home today. We will be back in 3 weeks and Dad WILL be home. He will be truly recovering.

As for the cancer, they got all of it from his lungs. The pathology report shows cancer in only 2 lymph nodes. It’s squamous non large cell lung cancer. After he gets home he will meet with his wonderful oncologist and treatment will be decided. The low dose round of chemo is still on the table. the oncologist is still saying curative.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Mornings Can Be Good”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I bet you are breathing better yourself.

  2. That’s great news!

  3. I know how much these issues with our parents can leave us drained [especially when the ms starts to kick in!!] Having just gone through so much of the same with my mom, I understand your angst. You all remain in my prayers, and please keep us updated. (((Sherri)))

  4. I hope he continues to recover. And a relative standing by to make sure things happen the way they’re supposed to is really, really important. I don’t think that medical staff lets things deteriorate on purpose (or not usually) but they are really overworked. And it’s a detriment to medical care in this country. 🙁

    Sending good thoughts.

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