Apr 242013

I have an appointment with a new neurologist today. I think I will have to reschedule it though. I have a big meeting this afternoon and I’m afraid I won’t be able to do both. I hate conflicts like this. My MS beast has been pretty quiet lately… thankfully! I’ve had some very tired days, some random pains and tingling stuff…. but don’t we all? I mean, that’s just part of the MS cycle. No relapses or new symptoms in several months. I am feeling quite lucky about now. They say the average relapse rate is one every 2.3 years for people taking disease modifying drugs. I’m not taking anything right now… I haven’t taken a dreaded Copaxone shot in 13 months. That being said, the average relapse rate for people not taking DMD’s is 1.7 years. I hope that’s wrong.

There are so many false rumors going around about the big events of this past week… the marathon bombings and the West, TX explosions. People spend so much time speculating, making meme pictures with their own opinions…. and usually those people are  radicals themselves. I don’t mean radical in a harmful, bomb making kind of way… I mean radical in more of an extreme way… extreme right/extreme left. How anyone could think our own government would set off bombs at the Boston Marathon is beyond me. I may or may not agree with how our current elected officials are handling things but I find it very hard to consider that those officials would blow us up to push an agenda. I can’t imagine they would publish photos of a guy with mangled bloody stumps after his legs are blown off by a couple of terrorist bombs if those weren’t true and accurate photos.

If the bombings were a conspiracy, if it was all a huge hoax to create fear and compliance from the people, can you just imagine the number of folks who would have to be in on that? Thousands… all the doctors, nurses, first responders, police, bystanders, event workers… all the people in the area of the bombing would have seen the make up artists applying moulage… it just doesn’t make any sense at all to believe the injuries were staged and then photographed while other people are running around in a state of shocked chaos.

I’ve also noticed a combination of stories which creates new stories. Information from one case combined with information with another case which skewes what is real. Or even worse, quotes, photos, and pieces of stories that are several years old… sometimes decades old… being applied to current situations.  This can be dangerous! We end up with a large portion of the population believing something that is maybe more awful than the awful reality. In this age of social media and the desire for instant information, there are many who have become too impatient to allow things to play out…. to progress through the natural course of investigations and a solid piece of information. And add to that the fake news sites and blogs who put out posts that read like an official piece of news or investigative report… we end up with  more people who buy the crap and blend it with the other crap… I suppose it’s the new propaganda.

I realize our media can be biased. I realize that everything is censored and in some instances we are being fed the information they think we should have. I’m not a dolt. I do, however, think the media gets it mostly right most of the time. They’d be fools not to because of the same reasons I mentioned above… everyone is watching, everyone is analyzing, everyone is video taping and photographing everything.

*Examples of the conspiracy crap (careful, graphic images ahead). I didn’t feel like sitting here and linking to tons of ‘articles’… I’m certain you can find many more if you so desire….

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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I am glad that the dread disease is being as nice to you as it knows how (not very). Of all the symptoms the bone-sucking fatigue is the one I have most trouble with. Yes, there is pain and numbness and spiders walking over my face and a few other things but the fatigue stuffs me around every day.
    Conspiracy theorists reminds me of malicious gossips. It benefits no-one and hurts and or alarms too many people.

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