May 022013

My last morning in Vegas. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to be leaving today. For some obvious reasons and some not so obvious ones. The most obvious reason would be that I miss Coach terribly. I don’t sleep well without him anymore. I don’t know when that happened. I also am a homebody as previously mentioned. I miss my stud muffin, and my tin can, and my Beulah, and my routine.

All that being said….. This morning, the predominate reason I am so incredibly grateful to go home…..a perfume conference. Yes. Starting this morning. I left my room with the roosters to hit up Starbucks and my nose was assaulted. Flower spice   powdery sickly sweet fragrances all joined forces to become one nauseating eye burning skin itching kamikaze fighter pilot with its fragrance bombs set on my nose.

After selling my soul to Starbucks, I trotted (because I can’t run) back to my room hoping to salvage my nervous system from this histamine onslaught that was certain to follow the nasal assault. I have just taken a sinus pill, scoured my skin with a bath puffy thing and am now sitting in fragrance free bliss. For 45 more minutes…..then I have to venture out for the first seminar of my day. I wonder if I can hold my breath down the hall to the elevator down two floors around the corner to the conference room. Probably not.



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “Morning Assault”

  1. Perfumes were invented to cover up body odors. When a person has so much perfume on, makes me wonder what they are trying to cover up.

  2. I agree with Barbara. And I HATE perfumes. If you smell strong enough for someone to smell you as you walk by, it’s no different than having a poopy butt or smelly armpits… very rude to those around you. Ughhhhhh.

    • you are so right! in fact, on the way to Vegas, in the airplane sitting at the gate before taxi… you know how they have closed ventilation and very little air blowing? well, the man in front of me had the worst body odor! and every time he moved around his little air flow blew the smell right back on me… yucko!

  3. Now that is something I would complain to the management about. There are a lot of people that are violently allergic to perfumes. They should have given all their guest a warning.

    • I mentioned it on my comment card on the way out this afternoon. I was nauseous from all the mixtures of smells. I’m sure that some of them probably smelled just fine but not when they were combined with 150 other smells. It was just awful.

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