May 282012

#000000;">a few days ago i posted a picture of little addi’s hand #800000;">#800000;">after touching a stove…. 

#000000;">she’s such a happy kid and she’s doing very well. they have kept the hand clean, lathered with silvadene, and wrapped up. when she’s out in a group of people, she has a sling to help protect it from other people who normally don’t pay much attention to things around them. 

#000000;">i was on skype with them saturday and she’s happy and lovely and her old self once again…except for the big white bandage that is now her hand…

#000000;">this morning ashley took her to the doctor to have the hand checked. it’s got some blackened areas on it… she was worried about necrosis and infection but the doc let her know that the silvadene is making some of the tissue black… it’s all healing up nicely and there is no infection…

#000000;">in the meantime, the decided to go ahead and pop the big ginormous mountain of a blister that is her palm. ash said the amount of fluid that came out of that blister as amazing… ! she said addi thought it was pretty funny to watch it all and is doing very well…

#000000;">today makes one week since the burning happened…. looks pretty gross if you ask me! if you want close ups you’ll have to click on the images… i couldn’t bring myself to put them up here full size…. 



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Oh that poor little baby. I’ve only had one bad burn in my life. In my freshman year of college,a girl accidentally spilled scalding water on my hand and wrist. I was rushed to the hospital where they actually cut off the blistering part. It took a while, but it eventually faded into nothing. I do remember that it was sore in the beginning, then not so much.
    BTW, I love your new trailer!!

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