Apr 292014


We all have them.

Some are good days, some are Mondays.

Yesterday was a Monday for me. I was not totally with it…. living in recovery mode after a very hot and busy weekend. I’ll get to that in a moment. Anyhoo…

Monday. I woke up on time but my brain was all sludgy. I drank coffee, took a shower and got dressed. My work clothes are comfortable. The outfit I chose is one I’ve worn before and I know how it feels on my body. So… I get dressed and head out to work. For the next 3+/- hours I was uncomfortable. I couldn’t figure out why. Do you ever just feel uncomfortable? Like everything is outta whack but you can’t put a finger on the cause? Yeah. Well.

After being at work for 3+/- hours, attending a meeting, and coming across many people, I took a much needed potty break. And you will never guess what I discovered?

The reason for my discomfort. Holy shit.


My flippin’ underwear was on backwards.

How in the world did I manage to do that? With women’s undies (as most of you know), it’s pretty dang easy to tell front from back… even without a tag.

Front narrow.

Back wide.


So there I was. 3+/- hours of discomfort, sitting in the bathroom… taking off my shoes then my pants then my undies so I could properly dress… or rather, redress, myself.


Okay, moving on now.

This past weekend Coach participated in the he-man pissing contest. The 2014 American Powerlifting Association Texas State Championships. AKA Texas He-Man Pissing Contest.

The event was held in Brownsville – about an hours drive from home. The “facility” was akin to a grain mill… corrugated aluminum on a wood frame. It was nice, don’t get me wrong. It was rather cool & industrial looking and had a good feel to it. But … big but here… no A/C. None. Nada. And it was 107 degrees that day.

In contrast to that,the motel we stayed in was so incredibly cold! I can’t believe I’m saying this… it was too cold. Staying at this particular hotel did confirm one universally known fact…


Gideon forgot his bible. It was there… next to the bed


I was beyond hot. Far beyond any temperature that I should’ve subjected myself to. The beast was on a rampage. But it was Coach’s big day and I couldn’t not be there. Silly I know. I had to be there.

And I paid for it. I’m still paying for it.


I’ll do it again.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “Mondays”

  1. It sounds like what I call the pain/gain equation has come into play. When you doing something, KNOWING that you will suffer from it, but have decided (for one reason or another) that you have to do it.
    I hope the payment is made in full soon.

  2. The Gideons Bible thing has always confused me. I have never heard of them nor their Bible in any context except hotel rooms.

    A Google search might be in order sometime.

    My Mondays are almost always disasters. Tuesdays, too, come to think of it. I’m just not usually as willing and able to share my shame…

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