Oct 122010


birthday present #1

the second pendant inscribed with “passion” is so new that it’s not on the site yet. i will take a picture of it tomorrow… it’s beautiful!

  • happy monday… was a decent day
  • my birthday present came via UPS today! i ordered a couple of pendants from toby and max jewelry
  • i just LOVE their products
  • my MS is still around (duh!)
  • i haven’t had to use my cane in the past 4 days
  • still walking like a drunk from time to time
  • hands and arms still tingly
  • i spend lots of time on the pot (hate this)
  • i’m REALLY ready for some cooler weather now
  • i can’t believe there are only 3 more football games – wow, it went by really fast!
  • the rad lab called…they have missed me…wanted to know could i come by and see them around tea time on monday… of course i accepted
  • i’m really enjoying writing … it’s really helping me and i think i might actually be getting better at it… maybe? 
  • i want to buy myself a nice camera so that i can give you guys something to look at from time to time
  • i have found some really interesting reading on MS… lots of stories, ideas, and information out there
  • it scares me when i read too much though… have to do it in brief sittings….
  • Coach is my superman!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “mondays….. no real brain power here”

  1. >Hi Sherri, I love that your birthday present to yourself was my jewelry!!! Thank you so much. Would love to see a picture of you wearing both pendants. You will look FABulous!! Well, you fabulous even without them, but maybe a bit more fabulousER with them. ok, getting a bit crazy here. Yes, I love the way you write, and I do think you are getting even better. The way you wrote about the 'invitation' to the lab was very cleaver. wish I could write like that and make it more fun. Maybe I would have more visitors.Good you don't need the cane everyday. I guess maybe that adds an extra spoon to your collection?? Healing thoughts and prayers always coming your way. You have a special 'flair'. So glad we found each other.xoxo, Sandy

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