Mar 042011

Gotta love em….

Edit:  okay the whole premise of this little ding of a post was the picture that my damn phone said it uploaded… but apparently not… so here it is….

some days there’s just no fixing things up… and no amount of photo editing that makes me look any better than this… oh well …. you’d think by now i’d be used to living in my own skin… um, no…

one other aside…
i almost got killed twice on the way to work today…. each time by a blonde barbie bitch woman… what are the odds?
  • the first one passed me in the center turn lane after riding on my tailpipe at 70 mph.. bitch
  • the second occurance was on another freeway… woman passes me… i’m doing the speed limit…she races up behind me, drafts on around me in true racing fashion, the abruptly slows down and drives in my friggin blind spot… I HATE PEOPLE DRIVING IN MY BLIND SPOT! my word, there are 3 OTHER LANES  to choose from… 


k i’m done now

  •  March 4, 2011
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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