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#008080;">#008080;">George Sanders… bless his heart. And bless his family. He is an 86 year old man living in Arizona who was recently sentenced to 2 years’ probation after killing his wife. She had multiple sclerosis. Diagnosed in 1969… he was her sole caregiver all those years. According to the article, she has been in a wheelchair since 1971. I cried as I read this article. It hits home in so many ways. I have such a great respect for the prosecutor and the judge in this case. I cannot imagine the position either Mr. Sanders or his wife was in. She wanted to die… she wanted him to take her life. How devastating for him. But he followed her wishes. Anyway, I just had to mention the article.

Work has been uber busy. I like that. I created my database and got it working the way I envisioned. Well it’s mostly created. I have some more tables and things to add… seems that databases are very fluid in that they are always changing somehow. What I did manage to complete is a table of employees and a table of training, facilities, positions, and departments. This week I started inputting the employee information with their ID, position, department, facility, and training completed… I managed to add 997 so far. (total employees is around 3500 +/-). I’m really excited! By doing this I am able to pack away huge arse piles of sign in sheets and copies of certificates. When it’s time for our JC audit, I can simply run a report of training and give them what they ask for… quick! And without digging through mounds of paper. My fingers are not too happy when covered in paper cuts.

My project board is filling up too… I like that as well. I like that I can list things, diagram things, make notations and leave them up on my board for easy viewing. It really does help when I’m sitting and figuring things out. I do a lot of that. Thinking… working my way through processes and figuring out the cause & effect of each possible action in a situation. It’s a kick for me… don’t know why but I love it. I can’t tell you how lucky and blessed I feel right now.

my project board

tools of my trade










I bought myself some new shoes for work. It’s important that they are flat but supportive, cool yet protective, and the icing on the proverbial cake is if they can be either water proof or designed to get wet. I found the perfect shoes! I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

my new shoe

They are made by #008080;">#008080; text-decoration: underline;">Jeep

And now it’s Friday.. my brain is fried. I’m wiped out. I worked today because I’m a new employee with no PTO available yet. It was only me and the janitor man in our building today. I think I startled him when I came out of my door…thankfully he wasn’t carry the bucket of dirty mop water or some ominous red bag of hazardous waste!

Oh, I took some pictures of a new baby last weekend. It was fun!

#008080;">Happy Easter


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “Mercy Killing and Other Stuff”

  1. It is so obvious that you love your job. That’s wonderful. Your photos are also wonderful. You are a multi-talented gal. Another subject, completely unrelated: the end of Google Reader. The following is a link for Nathan Branford, who in the literary and social networking world is something of an authority. He used to be a literary agent, is now an author, and works at CNET doing internet and social networking stuff.. When Nathan speaks, in other words, I listen. Here’s the link:

    • I do love my job! It’s such a kick to help others prepare for things that no one really wants to think about. It’s a proud moment for me when a drill proves that the training and work put into keeping people safe really works. and I spend my days hoping that all the preparations, training, and planning will save lives when something happens…


      I read Nathan’s article. I love CNET… I’ve tried RSS Owl and NewsFox over the past few weeks & neither satisfied me. I used Feedly for a week and couldn’t get it to import all my feeds. Today I have downloaded FeedDemon … on the surface it looks pretty good. I’ll let you know 🙂

  2. I really hope that my partner would be able to do that last loving thing for me if necessary (and I couldn’t do it myself). I am so pleased that George Sanders was not sentenced to jail.
    I am love that you are enjoying your job and in awe at your stamina.
    Brilliant baby/children photos. You are so talented.

    • I hope mine would as well EC, but I’m not confident he’d be able to. Of course, it’s hard to know how anyone would react in the situation. I mean, to watch a loved one suffer day in and day out, in pain, no dignity…

      My stamina… it’s all smoke & mirrors. It’s such a huge beat down each day but I force myself to keep moving, keep going. It’s what people expect of me. While that sounds horrible, I have to wonder if it’s a bad thing. Psychologically I am feeling much better. Mentally I feel much better. Physically, pft. To feel I have purpose once again… to know that people are counting on me in some fairly big ways… it just feels good.

      • I so agree with you on the ‘purpose’ question. And the need to feel that you have something to contribute to the community as well. Which is why, when MS stopped me working (my employer invalided me out) that I started voluntary work with a crisis telephone line and later started giving peer support to other people with the dread disease. Psychologically – heaps better. Physically – not so much.

  3. It is a hard case, When someone has fought and fought to live but disease continues to win. I have to say I believe in the right to die when you just can’t live anymore.

    I am so glad your job is going well! Awesome!

    • I believe in the right to die as well. I think that it’s important to be able to have some sort of say in how things end when dealing with chronic illness. There is so much control lost throughout the illness, so much pain to endure for many of us… the thought of being ill and dragging on & on in pain and misery is very frightening.

  4. Wow, this breaks my heart….and of course I think of my husband. Oh ya and by the way my neurologist said I may not have MS! I would jump for joy if my legs and feet were not telling me a different story. Well, I am so darned proud of you for working!!!!!!!! I know it is taking alot but you sound good, really, I mean it! Good to stop by! Hugging you! xo Olivia

    • OH Olivia! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you don’t have this horrid disease?! Of course, I would rather red that your body is behaving, no tingling & numbness & pain. I wonder what they think is wrong if it’s not MS…

      I’m doing really well at work…

      Thank you for stopping by!!

  5. I had not heard about the Sanders case. How heartbreaking for everyone. Your link doesn’t work, by the way, so I googled it.

    I’m glad your job is going well, I hope you’re getting enough rest, or at least resting when you can.

    Love the baby photos and the big kids one, too. 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know about the link! I’m a bird-brain at times haha! I’ve fixed it now… such a sad story…

      I’m resting when I can… most weekends are spent in recovery mode. I take lots & lots of naps.

      The big kids all lined up on that bench and I just couldn’t help but do the hear, see, speak no evil thing… it was perfect!

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