Apr 252010

never in my wildest imaginings did i think i would end up being interviewed for the news. not sure how i feel about it…but it’s done….http://sherristakes.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=316&action=edit


It seems they needed to clean house over at KVUE. My video spot is gone and there’s only a text story now 🙁

The Austin Independent School District has a new tool to help keep kids safe. The Rapid Response Center can be placed on any campus. It will soon be used to carry personal and equipment to large scale events.

Sherri Stakes is AISD’s Emergency Management Specialist.

We have four work stations where we can have four people come in to use computers. (It also) has phone and network capability…Should we lose phone and data connectivity I have a satellite, though satellite have voice data commutation via the satellite. The idea is no matter what the disaster is, we will have some form of communication, said Stakes.

The state-of-the-art command trailer is multi-purpose. This fall it will be stationed at House Park to provide safety and security at football games. It can also be activated for all kinds of emergency situations.

It can respond to critical incidents that may occur here in the district in the event of bad weather. If a campus has damage we can roll out to provide security for the campus staff and administration work out of the trailer to keep information flowing, said AISD Police Department Captain Eric Mendez.

The Austin Project and Capitol Area Crime Stoppers helped make the trailer operational. A new tool helping to keep kids safe on and off campus.

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